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Lesson of the eagle feather.

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Last year I decided, for no real reason, that I wanted an eagle feather. I don’t know where the desire came from, it just suddenly took hold of my creative mind that I wanted an eagle feather. For about 6 weeks, 3 times a week, I scanned the waters from the canoe between Maple Bay and Salt Spring and up the narrows, and while I saw plenty of feathers, usually white, fluffy seagull feathers, I never found an eagle feather.

One day, after bringing the canoe back to Maple Bay, I decided to stay and enjoy the beach. I wandered up and down the water line, and found, right next to the boat ramp where we’d launched the canoe, a little hand-made boat, made of sticks,  and a feather for a sail. It was an intriguing little find; upon examining it, my friend remarked that the sail was probably an eagle feather and pointed out that the counter-balance was assured by a perfectly wedged stone. It was an impressive work, and I was deeply touched that someone had made this perfect little boat and left it there, so obviously, to be found, a gift for anyone who wanted it.

We launched the boat out to sea from the ramp at Maple Bay. We watched it until it couldn’t be seen any more; presumably it sailed on its own little journey, maybe landing at a new shore for someone else to find. Or not.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized I’d found the eagle feather I was seeking. I didn’t recognize the feather when I saw it-my friend had to tell me, and it didn’t come in the way I expected it, floating out of the sky and onto the sea, waiting for my eyes and hands to grasp it in a solitary exchange between the universe and myself.

I stopped looking for eagle feathers after that. There arose in me a sense of humility and joy; humility that I was granted a gift before I was ready to receive it, and joy that I was allowed to learn the lesson in private.  That is the benevolence of the Creator.

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The Purpose of Sensitivity

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Sensitive trailer


Did you know that there is a group of people whose genetic variations cause them to function with much greater sensitivity than the rest?  20% of all humans, and 99 other species, show a genetic trait of High Sensitivity where environmental information actually processes differently, alerting the individual to shifts that the rest of the group does not sense.

Four areas of sensitivity occur in individuals with this trait.  These people (and other species) process information at a greater depth, are more easily overstimulated by sensory information, have a higher emotional reactivity, and are cued to pick up on more subtleties than the general population.  The trait actually assists group survival by allowing a percentage of the population to be much more aware of subtle environmental changes and retaining the knowledge more readily should change in action be required.  Think of it as natural insurance for a group.  If two in ten people sense danger that the rest of the group doesn’t, and lead the group to safety, the entire population thrives.

How does a  highly sensitive person’s brain differ? The insula is activated to process more subtle, and greater volumes of information, while retaining this information readily in memory. However, with such intense activity comes overstimulation.  A HS individual processes more information at a deeper level but is also more easily overstimulated in a shorter amount of time.
Another difference is in mirror neurons. In the brain of the highly sensitive, mirror neurons are more active, allowing the individual to experience greater empathy with others and other life-forms. The greater stimulation of mirror neurons assists the HS to know others’ intentions and feelings in non-verbal ways, again potentially leading to overstimulation, but also allowing the individual to sense hostility or friendliness, thereby cueing the rest of the group.*
 Finally, HS individuals access and process more subtle information, using it to strategize and assist in life’s various tasks. They may have sharper senses (acute hearing, sense of smell) or not, but the HS consistently process the information in a more conscious manner, creating a richer bank of experience to draw upon.
If we are not highly sensitive, then we probably know someone who is.  This is the child who is slow to warm up to new situations, is easily overwhelmed by noise or bright lights, observes more, and ‘picks up’ on subtle changes in the emotional environment.  The adults with high sensitivity are similar, but, with more years living, are, perhaps, better at adapting to the environment.  Close connection with these people reveals their highly sensitive natures, however.
Whether you are highly sensitive, know or work with someone who is, or have a family member who seems ‘sensitive,’ the fact is 20% of human population experiences the world differently to the other 80%.  Join us at Duncan United Church, Thursday, January 21st to watch the landmark documentary about this fascinating genetic trait, and explore our experiences with the highly sensitive.
Jan 21, 7 pm
Duncan United Church
Admission free or by donation
*Some may think that emotions cause illogical thought-processes. But this is not true: recent research has placed emotion at the centre of wisdom. Without an emotional connection to an experience, a lesson is likely to be forgotten, however with an emotional response, it is more deeply embedded and available to inform us in future scenarios.

Just Eat It A food waste story

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We are consciously evolving with every thought, every word and every action.  Remember always that outer pollution is a projection of inner pollution.   With these gentle thoughts, let us gather together in community for a reflection on food.

Eye Opener Educational Films and Cowichan Green Community are proud to present: Just Eat Ita must-see film about food production, consumption and waste.  This timely documentary is a smorgasbord of snappy story and cinematic visuals. Just Eat It juxtaposes lush farmers fields with strangely compelling images of squandered groceries. Interviews with TED lecturer Tristram Stuart, food waste expert Dana Gunders, and acclaimed author Jonathan Bloom, challenge viewers to see how this unspoken issue creates devastating consequences around the globe.This is THE film of the season for Cowichan Valley!
Just Eat It
Thursday, April 9th, 7pm
Duncan United Church
246 Ingram st. Duncan
admission, as always, free or by donation.
Co-sponsored by Duncan United Church Social Justice
If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.  Mother Teresa

Humans and bees

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Please attend Eye Opener Educational Film’s presentation of More than Honey, a beautiful documentary about the plight of bees in a complex world. Duncan United Church, Thursday, March 6, 7 pm,   admission free or by donation. Discussion afterwards.
Honey bee colony decline is discussed in this science article: the drivers of honey bee loss, and cross contamination between honeybees and wild bees.
Please watch this encouraging and short video by Dr. Gabor Mate: the myth of human nature.
This is an excellent review of the purpose of Free Trade agreements, the latest of which is the Trans Pacific Partnership: eroding nation states.  Also, please review Dan’s video on local opposition to the TPP: Council of Canadians opposes TPP.
Do you still get the bulk of your information from mainstream media? Please look at this:Blatant CNN propaganda evident in these two pictures.  Then consider how The American state is using police resources: Amerikan Stasi police state.
When negativity becomes overwhelming, it’s good to refresh oneself in the basics.  I like this project: virtues review.
The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.Nelson Henderson
Thanks to all the supporters of Eye Opener Educational Films including Diana, Ken, Melody, Cowichan Green Community, and Duncan United Church.

Our cooperative nature

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As we gather our energies together in response to Spring’s joyous call, we  are reminded of our collective interdependence.  The growing plants, the newly arriving animals, the increasing rains and warming of the land sustain, inspire and nourish all life.  Let’s respond to this abundance with a conscious dedication to awaken and support one another with courage and compassion as we break systemic dysfunction, and form new relationship agreements.
This week’s thematic message is centred upon resource sharing.  We begin with Tolle’s peaceful teaching about spirituality and wealth: wealth and spirituality mutually exclusive? The Co-Op model of resource sharing is re-emerging as a viable alternative to the broken model in which we are all forced to participate now: Co-Op as a choice, andeconomy under new ownership.
 For an inspirational and honest review of one musician’s experience in breaking out of the old economic model, watch this: a time to build, a time to destroy.  Let’s view an exceptional modeling of belief and reality about our current monetary system, please take the time to watch this revealing 8 minute video: how it really is.  After seeing that, this development: World Trade outlaws Ontario green policy will not be as surprising. I’m including this it all begins with an idea as further inspiration in what is possible.
For the resource-sharing gardener, or the community minded, please watch guerilla gardening.  Sharing inventions is a model of co-operative action emerging via technology.  I am certain you will be inspired by this work: invisible motion software (now available for free).  Lastly, a few weeks back, a mini-doc was released called ‘the Untouchables’.  It revealed how it is that NOT ONE banker was arrested during the recent fraudulent excesses that were committed with our money.  Here’s this link to respond to watch and read in response: fallout from untouchables.
  To close the theme on opportunities to awaken and re-build, here’s a final link on personal finance and why it’s good to question ‘experts’: the truth on your personal finances.
For those who are inspired to continue this discussion on systemic dysfunction within the economic system, please join us at Eye Opener Educational Film’s screening of Inside Job – 7pm Thursday March 21 at Duncan United Church.  Admission free or by donation.

If great truth does not enter into our relation to money, it cannot enter our lives. Jacob Needleman


The self-teaching community

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Virtuous thought and action are guides to much of human behaviour.  Without clear and noble direction, we may be influenced by inferior energy and become lost in confusion and chaos. However, keeping our counsel, and choosing wisely our companionship in friends and teachers, we may become self-directing individuals, acting in concert with other like-minded souls to form well-functioning and reasonable communities.
As we work towards the achievement of a well-functioning and reasonable community, we may be informed by inspirational people and a review of action and activity that has become dysfunctional.  I have assembled a few key items that serve as examples for this exercise.
For anyone who has ever been an activist please look at the following  links and consider how important it is to define and maintain community standards: Jailing his soul and ordinary citizens as targets of the FBI.  Activism in Canada has recently expanded into international action.  As you read this article, be aware of Canadian standards for espionage: Idle no More.  Lastly, in this theme, please watch this short video narrated by Ed Asner to get a sense of community response to economic dysfunction: the voice of the 99%.
Here is an interesting review of the economic bail-out ‘thank you’ ads which have become common lately: thanking us for allowing them to steal from us.
The following link describes the generation of energy from water vapour:  MIT energy development.
Everyone is invited to attend  Eye Opener Educational Film’s screening of the film: Resonance, Beings of Frequency Jan 17th 7pm at Duncan United Church.  Anyone using or being affected by cell phones, iPhones, wifi, cell towers, electrical towers, smart meters or any other electromagnetic device or service will find this film of interest.
They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing. Hindu Proverb

The vision within

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When we look upon our world we are given the opportunity to see with the eyes alone, or with the heart.  What is it to look with the vision of the heart?  When we see with our heart there is both the factual intake of information and non-judgmental interpretation, born of a great and compassionate understanding of life itself. There is neither excessive sentimentality nor brutish indifference to suffering.  The right action, if any is to be taken, arises from the place of balanced insight and compassion.  When we see with our hearts we are granted the gift of vision, and the invisible is given its rightful place as potential.  We also know enough of the world to recognize that we don’t always see everything, so we make allowance for what is not known.  As we awaken to our true power, we cultivate our gifts in vision, and with encouragement to others we can lead from behind.  In many ways, our vision reflects the remarkable gift of our intelligent and loving spirits.  May we all see with our hearts and find beauty, truth and goodness in its various stages of development.
We begin this week’s items with a short video from our late visionary friend, Will Abram, describing how Canadian debt was created by banking crimes and examining the period between 1935-1974.  For those of us who still believe in ‘Canadian values’, this is a must-see video: the banking experiment.  Further to this, Chris Hedges teaches how humanity has become colonized by corporations in the stealthy financialization of human energy. Equally instructive is this link commenting on the effort by corporations to manipulate and deceive the populace: predatory capitalism.  The direction of our current experience seems obvious: self-destruction of the 1%.  While the monetary trickery continues, the messages to humanity via traditional media reveal equally deceptive practices: what’s not said in the news.

Visionary leadership offers the gift of possibility.  A loving approach to rearing our children includes a vision of education that is both respectful and instructive, allowing the fullness of human potential to develop.  Many of us are involved with teaching and can understand the value of an integrated home/education experience.  This one hour video reveals how the current educational paradigm is both disrespectful of human spirit and a threat to the sustainability of our planet: education for a sustainable future.  For those so inclined, take the time to watch 5 one-hour videos featuring John Taylor Gatto’s vision of education: the Ultimate History Lesson.  This 4 minute video distills all thought into a choice between love or fear.  Consider how the heart radiates energy when the mind is suitably prepared: think differently!  Finally, here’s an hour long video that is both humorous and pointed.  We are asked to review how to educate the heart and minds of our children in school.
Finally, here’s an interview with the daughter of a visionary architect whose life’s work was dedicated to building homes with few resources: a home without a mortgage.  This beautiful video will assist you inseeing the world differentlytime lapse earth phenomena, while this link asks us to envision a just American society.  To close, here’s a link sure to make you LOL, the gift is in what the mind sees: listen to his laugh!
Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.  Jonathan Swift 

Your elevated calling

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How we communicate with each other is as important as what we communicate. Without the commonality of understanding we may dwell in isolated units, unable to be heard and limiting our ability to be of any assistance to another.  When we recognize our disconnection we can repair the dysfunction.  We can allow new openness and persist in attempts to communicate.  As we evolve, the inner impulse to compassionately recognize life emerges from deep within us and a quiet reunion of separated selves is effected.  We can encourage this reunion by diligent self-observation and practice in finding commonalities.
We are invited to view this week’s links with an effort at finding commonalities.  We begin with communications across cultural and age division as offered in this RSA animate: Six approaches to time.  In this link the viewer is invited to understand that our cultural conditioning in past, present, and future orientation can cause misunderstanding and division.  A conscious effort to orient one’s self to receive another’s communication allows the divisions to dissolve.  Graham Hancock features in this video discussion of time.  Here, he offers a different interpretation of archaeological record, stating that civilization may certainly be as old as 15 000 years, as evidenced in Mayan ruins and remains: re-thinking our collective history. and this shorter Hancock link asserts a similar understanding.  Whatever our educational experience in history, it is important to remain open to new ideas. A pointed review of cultural bias is offered in Washington’s blog.  Have a look at these photographs, and see if you can determine in which European city they were all taken: Guess which city.  Recognize how others have been influential in promoting the division of humanity, and ask yourself to what end these efforts are made.
Let’s examine our communication with children.  Watch this heart-warming link on childish creativity: Caine’s arcade where the overwhelming response of viewers is easily understood.  Next, we are offered another compassionate review of education in this short video link: how we do or don’t engage our children.  In this link we are invited to reflect upon the origin for the effort to drug-test kids in grade six.  May we all find a desire to value and cherish one another, no matter what age or state of evolution we encounter each other.
This last link is offered simply because it’s beautiful to watch: Northern Lights.

Love … It surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be.  Kahlil Gibran

Dissolving competition

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There is power in non-competition.  It arises in the place of purposeful non-action, and allows the striving and aggressive pursuit of goals to appear exactly as they are: a struggle and desire to dominate. However, imagine a situation where the desire to compete is simply unmet.  No conflict arises.  Perhaps an aggressor goes home with the prize, but what is the worth of that?  Withdraw from subtle competitions in daily life, and much strife and dissatisfaction dissolves.  Create relationships worth cultivating by meeting one another, instead of opposing one another.  Encounter obstacles with the calm assurance that the right thing will arise in the right time.  Be assured that the right tool, the right knowledge, the right effort will arise because it is the will of the universe. Let’s dissolve the insane grip of competition and allow harmony and unity to emerge with ease!
Following are a series of items to be considered. As the links are reviewed, consider how a co-operative effort would have shifted the outcome of each issue.  First, let’s begin with the land beneath your feet and see how it is that some US states are granting the oil and gas companies the right to extract, or frack, on private (your) property.  Or, examine the emergence of the surveillance state by understanding how license plate readers are tracking movement.  Housing is shifting, more rapidly in the US than in Canada, and here’s an explanation of how: rentable. The subject of this link: $10 000/year as a professor is the pay of college and university teachers.  As homes continue to be foreclosed in North America, the social toll increases: foreclosure deaths.  In reviewing these links we recognize quickly that pitting one group against another results in dissatisfaction. Imagine how different the social landscape would be with co-operative intention replacing competition.
Here is another set of links.  The first reveals the automation of the workforce and surprises us with assertions that wikipedia entries are mostly edited by bots: ruling the world.  This link is also about automation: how google autocompletes.  Next, we have a site devoted to a more human aggregate in its work towards achieving sustainable living standards for all:
the steady state organization.  And finally, these two links about disagreement: the first is a TED talk enjoining us to disagree: dare to disagree  while the second is the viral video of the Irish smackdown.
As an offering to those working on male/female relationship issues, here’s this link on sexuality: health/science/spirit discussion.  Finally, Tolle’s teaching is a reflection that staying present clears the human body for a better immune response.
Thanks this week to Lee, Derek, Grant and Diana.

Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.  Zen saying

Inner abundance

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Working for justice, loving kindness and walking humbly, may this message find you in good spirit.  There is so much good news to share!  I have assembled a selection of inspirational and fascinating links for your perusal and hope that this mid-summer offering will be of some service in your community work.  As the links are both diverse and numerous I am eliminating themes and making short references that will assist you in your review.
This paragraph is for those who are inspired by the continued ‘bad news’ about the economy to innovate solutions that bypass entrenched ideas.  Reputation currencies is a short video to pique your curiosity on monetary options. The Future of Finance is a good selection when requiring a burst of fresh ideas on the same subject. Next is the Immense Possibilities website featuring a link on the bank of North Dakota whose work seems to reflect some basic Prairie values that some may remark are dwindling in Canada: Banking possibilities.  In the co-operative model, have a look at file sharing as religion.
This paragraph is for links related to art and music as inspiration.  The first is for lovers of the spoken word: Words are software in your programming.  Next is artwork against BP (remember the oil spill?) in this Art as guerrilla warfare.  Dance and community will inspire you in this update to Where the hell is Matt 2012, and song: Halleleujah!
Here we have various links without theme, but included because they’re important: the first is inspirational because it asserts there is a conspiracy of love.  We’ve spoken before about the emergence of group consciousness on the planet.  Here’s a link that thoughtfully reviews the subject: quantum consciousness,  Media manipulation is a recurrent theme in our discussions.  Here’s a good link discussing the Batman film now in theatres as a carefully contrived message of hopelessness: the Dark Knight rises.  How about a mock of Enbridge?  Enbridge ad mock and another reason to mistrust the Facebook belief in its worth: ad scamming.  Lastly, a video on the FDA and its War on Health.
Joy and happiness are the indicators of balance in a human machine.Walter Russell