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Revealing our intentions

In Communication, Transparency on February 5, 2013 at 3:15 am

When we review the intent of our communication, we may realize that the messages we send are tailored for the audience.  In addition,  if we scrutinize further, we may also discover an attempt to manipulate our audience by excluding information, exaggerating points, or skewing the message with incorrect language.  Our intentions at communicating become entangled with falsity the moment we consciously choose to withhold, distort or misrepresent the truth for our own purposes.  It is exceptionally important for enlightened individuals and communities to monitor the mind so as to halt effort at manipulation the moment it is formed as a thought.  We must retain control over our communication if we are to dwell peacefully with each other.  In any case, the more sensitive amongst us will discern untruth, and the tendrils of trust between two entities will be damaged.  Let’s be mindful of our intentions on every impulse to connect with one another, and carefully choose our words so as to nurture our healed community.

In order to fully realize the negative effect of manipulated communication, please review the following links. The first link is a must-read for any of us who have ever taken a prescription drug.  Further, it is recommended reading for all who believe in the integrity of the scientific process: Lies, omissions and half-truths being prescribed.  In mainstream media (MSM) we are subjected to advertising, which is generally recognizable, but increasingly we are tricked into reading  (unidentified) sponsored stories.  The workplace reflects an ill-defined ‘agreement’ between employee and employer.  This excellent article is worth reading to the end, especially if you are female or have ever been exploited at work: the rise of the permanent temporary worker. Finally, there was an exit of 114 billion dollars from banks in January-read this to learn how it’s being explained: the mystery of the missing $$$.
The continued polarization in information management is well-illustrated in the Smart Meter campaign.  Please look at this link to see how two moms were treated during their effort to limit their exposure: the smart meter spin.  Further to the first link in today’s message, after learning that science is not being practiced in pharmacological research, it will not surprise the reader to learn that American health worst of nearly all industrialized countries.  The close link between corporate policy and health is indicated in this review of chocolate, cheese, meat and sugar.
These last links are more inspirational.  The first is a push-back against the divisiveness of standardized educational testing: seattle teacher uprising.  While the next video documents the moment one realizes the preposterous position of false reality: enlightened laughter.
Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. Juvenal

Our Emerging Power

In inspiration, Transparency on November 30, 2012 at 12:02 am

Afraid of Change? Overcoming Fears in 10 Steps


When we find ourselves anxious about some future scenario, we must recall to mind that the future is but a mental creation with no substance or reality.  We withdraw our energy from the future thought bubble and become grounded in the present with infinite power to control our minds.  Remain alert to know when our powerful presence has been usurped by an insipid fantasy scenario; we will recognize it at the moment we feel anxious about ‘the future’.  At that moment we may become aware of all that we have not yet seen: it is a powerful and transformative experience worthy of reflection.
To assist in the effort of recognition, we begin in earnest with this work: let your life…which is a call to all of us, near and far, to awaken from collective hypnosis to the treachery at hand.  Know, from viewing this link, that we may not consider ignorance a refuge: rising up because it’s the right action. The following report names organizations and individuals engaged in offshore money hording: the offshore account shadow.  Meanwhile, ordinary individuals are encouraged to spy upon one another: Report these people.  If this manipulation is too subtle to detect, compare it with propaganda from the 1950s Communists, and consider the irony of fear when the facts of this state’s goals are revealed: jailing children for profit
Conversely, may you be inspired and delighted by these efforts.  Please watch this work unfold: the virtual choir.  Recall the gift of friendship in your life: the art of friendship.  Knowing another’s story is a simple way to recognizing our unity:walk a mile in her shoes.  Here’s a young scientist with a decisive response to creating clean water for all: water for all.  Last week’s funny video became a broken link.  Here’s the video in a working link: man gobbles at turkeys.  Finally, for those of us who are moved through non-peace to peace, this link will confirm the role of guidance: being guided to peace.
Honesty is telling the truth to ourselves and others. Integrity is living that truth.  Ken Blanchard 

Knowing and Being the Truth

In chemtrails, Transparency on November 9, 2012 at 5:26 am

Rational and intuitive comprehension of ‘news’ or life events may reveal a disconnect between the information being presented and a knowing that emerges from within.  The reason there is a disconnect is that there is, on some levels, an integrated effort to distort and confuse humanity for the purpose of control and manipulation.  However, when we are confronted with this disconnect, we are cautioned to recall the wisdom of our own intelligence.  While we may not always have a counter-argument at hand, we must recognize that argument is not always necessary.  Be compassionate, wise and observant, and know that we are all endowed with the ability to discern truth from dishonesty.
Let’s look at some links which reveal the difference between alternate reality and primary reality.  An important observation is what occurs within the environment in which we live.  Please watch this video link:climate researcher on chemical geo-engineering.  In addition, please visit Estee’s SkyWatch in Victoria Fbook page: Skywatch Victoria.
The predicted systemic collapse connecting many facets of human experience may be viewed as an inevitable conclusion to gross manipulations and distortions.  Consider how we may honestly reckon with one another.  Consider the distortions that may be hiding in plain view: agenda 21. Know that whenever  fear is being generated that the effort to divide humanity is at work.   Gmo labelling failure and  Poisoned sea animals are links supportive of transparency.  Finally, this link is a must-watch for anyone taking pharmaceuticals: pharmaceutical truth speaker.
Meanwhile, conscious individuals are producing movements and works of importanceA visionary guide to global awakening. Youth emerge from the silence of oppressive educational institutions: the We generation. Building homes is the theme of this eco link: Eco homes on CBC.  Countering the intensity of the above-mentioned agenda 21 theme is this offering from a fascinating individual: heart resonance teachings.
if you observe well, your own heart will answer. de Lubicz 
(Picture: Chem trail and chem halo over Vancouver Island 2012)