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Your Courage is Inspirational!

In inspiration, Sound & vibration on October 3, 2012 at 5:19 am

The four cardinal virtues of courage, justice, temperance and wisdom resonate strongly with individuals and communities around the world.  Each of us recognizes the singular call to be true to the template of these virtues, even when it is difficult to do so.  Sometimes we are called upon to act courageously because wisdom or justice seems to require it; at other times we act from the strength of the latter virtues, or sometimes we do not act at all, and remain present, radiating our power with non-action.  As we listen to the inner sage and respond to situations with virtuous action or non-action, we become aware of an increasing emphasis upon the call to transparency.  It is as if we are asking ourselves and each other to account for our thoughts and actions in a sudden requirement for honest reckoning.  At the point where one decides to reveal the impulse for action or non-action, one is called upon to respond with courage.  It takes courage to reveal our motives to ourselves and others.  It takes courage to be accountable.  We are, however, reminded that our courage is both influential and powerful: a single act of courage can inspire many others; it is what is desired when we ‘encourage’ each other.
The following links and items reveal courage, inspiration and the effort at transparency by revealing what has been heretofore hidden. We begin with a video release of the  NYPD take down of Occupy in Zucotti Park. Then we move on to a view of the increasing hunger and desperation in Europe, worsened by ‘austerity’ measures, indicated by these two links: pharmacies with nothing to dispense and the foraging middle class. To address these enormous economic inequalities, here’s an excellent discussion on modern money and public purpose. More intimately, a woman whose picture was posted and ridiculed in public responds with grace and humility: Sikh woman’s response.  While in this 3 minute video link, women’s collective experience of both violence and transformation is revealed: from oppression to equality.  Finally, in the interests of transparency, we have this exceptionally revealing link detailing how to negatively influence discussion on public forum and blog sites: forum spies.
As if to mirror the effort at making humanity’s behaviours transparent, we have the following links that make manifest the heretofore invisible matrix within which we live.  The human body is replete with the invisible.  This link shows us the work of our very own human microbes.  Sound frequencies are often hidden from us.  Here’s a fascinating revelation of the power of sound: the power of sound frequencies.  In this hour long presentation we are again initiated into the power of sound: sacred knowledge of vibration and human emotion.  Here is an animated tour of the invisible, piano notes made visible and, lastly, the sound of Earth from space.
Finally, I leave you with these two uplifting pieces: chant for humanity, and validating your life experience: I was here!
Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. Victor Hugo