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EmPowering Ourselves

In inspiration, power on October 26, 2014 at 6:14 am


Practice business with right thought, right words and right action.

 It is important for every citizen to recognize that the dominant institution of our time, reaching into every culture with extraordinary power is impersonating humans.  It is, in fact, the corporation.  Originally a group of people chartered to perform a specific function, subordinate to the people, and supporting the common good, the modern corporation has morphed into a psychopath, having acquired the legal rights and protections of a person, and concerned only with the rights of stock holders.  It has no soul to save, and no body to incarcerate.

A healthy human society is integrated into the web of Earth’s ecosystems.  These societies are cooperative, respectful of their place within the whole, and work with the highest intentions in solving problems.  Modern business is competitive, dominant over ‘resources’ human, earth and animal, and work only towards the creation of wealth for private interests, all the while externalizing costs to future or distant populations.  Our culture has been parasitized by the corporation, and much of our spiritual direction confused by its false leadership.  At this point, awakened humanity recognizes the limits of the corporate business model and is working to create new paths out of the impending crisis caused by dysfunctional leadership.

To assist in the recognition of this dysfunction, and to create new opportunities in current and future choices, Eye Opener Educational Films is screening the new and updated iconic Canadian film, ‘The Corporation (10).  It has been ten years since the film revealed the psychopathic parasitization of our common culture.  On Thursday, November 13th, we will view the first hour of the film and have an important community discussion on the hidden assumptions and inferior theory used to justify the modern corporate paradigm.  On the following Thursday, November 20th,  we will view the second hour of the film and reveal the new ideas, initiatives and organizations that are at the leading edge of a new social movement.

This is a critically important community event, with an intention to galvanize the collective consciousness of our intelligent citizenry.  Taking responsibility for our current situation empowers each and every one of us.  Every empowered person becomes a locus of control and a reproduction of the infinite creative spirit.  When we recognize our independent intelligence, we will know our true place on this planet as an awakened and strong species fully connected within the web of ALL life.  So be it.

Eye Opener Educational Films
with Social Justice, Duncan United Church and the Council of Canadians present:

The Corporation (10)
Nov 13th and 20th 7pm
Duncan United Church – 246 Ingram St. Duncan
admission free or by donation

How to Radiate Power

In chemtrails, debt, inspiration, power on September 19, 2012 at 10:26 pm

As we absorb information from one another, let us be aware of our ability to radiate powerful energy.  With laser-like precision, we can dissolve ego-based manipulations and falseness and send powerful impulses of attractive energy.  Each of us knows, intuitively, when we are in the presence of non-truth.  We can sharpen our abilities with practice, and by allowing our own self-deceptions to clear.  How do we release self-deception and cloudy insight?  We must practice forgiveness in all things.  We spoke previously about how a relationship will shift when an insult or injury is greeted by warm and forgiving tolerance.  Equally, our own sharpness in perception will improve when we forgive ourselves for attempting self-deception.
When the impulse to justify unloving and ungenerous behaviour arises within us, maybe as a result of believing fearful ‘stories’ of lack, victimization or insult, we can become aware of our desire to disconnect from others.  It is easier to engage in self deception when there is a perceived threat to self. Imagine, however, experiencing what seems to be a threat, and allowing the desire to react to simply pass. The fearful story connects with nothing and its ability to influence behaviour dissolves.  We remain observant; we are released of self-deception.  We experience our great power, capable of radiating impulses of loving kindness.  This power is what will unite humanity as we join our souls in a concentrated impulse of dynamic energy.  Imagine what we can do, together!
Our first link to consider is an example of humanity’s power.  In this link we may reflect on the enormous energy that has been used to control and limit nature’s bounty.  We may also, likewise, reflect on humanity’s spirit to move beyond these limits: guerrilla grafters secretly growing food in the city.  In the following link, we again see the radiant energy of humanity as it finds a new way to honour the righteousness of nature: River granted the rights of a person.  Technological invention can be the result of this expansion of personal power.  Here’s an inspirational video: solar inventions.  Likewise, relationships between adults and children can be released from the bands of manipulative and limiting coercion: the schools our children deserve.
 In a previous message we spoke about the limitations of competition.  Here is an article that asks why it is that we promote the divisive practice of setting one against the other: why do Americans crush each other? If we consider that money is a symbol of our stored energy,  the tendency to withhold money energy from one another in the desire to somehow ‘get ahead’ makes the underlying ‘fear’ message transparent.  This link indicates how our community will fare when musical chairs stops: Canada’s housing bubble about to burst.  The following link suggests the limitations of disconnecting one from the other: selling public assets can plague societies long after.
In closing, here are links from others with keen insights and interesting skills. The first is a site devoted to subversive haiku, and I have chosen the first poem for you to ponder.  This next link is a video on body movement as art. We can be inspired by those who offer leadership in viewing money as energy: sacred economics.  Finally, in this video, we are inspired to be informed factually of the weather manipulation projects in Texas this summer: weather manipulation through cloud seeding.

We carry within us the wonders we seek without us. Sir Thomas Brown