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Evolving humanity: which way will YOU go?

In Macrobiotics on April 18, 2012 at 5:56 am
Those amongst us who garden or grow food, and those who aspire to, may be inspired to campaign for a program similar to the garden plots of Russia: Russia’s organic food.  All of us will be interested, I’m certain, to learn even more about plant communication.  Have a look at this video, how trees communicate.
Music is everywhere this week-I’m including a few videos for you to consider.  The first is the inspirational symphony of Kinshasa in the Congo: a music miracle. Music through the ages follows, first is a delightful two year old jiving: gettin’ down!  Next we have a 24 year old singing his song: I’m 24!  Last, a man in a nursing home reacts to music: so he gave me these sounds  Following that, here is a musical must-watch: Symphony of Science; and a wonderful review of a Greek musical master: Mikis Theodorakis – (Zorba the Greek).
The theme of unity arises in this 16 minute video: It’s time to wake up we are all one.  Did you ever read that book,  The Tao of Physics? The author, Fritzof, Capra is on the advisory board of the International Society for Ecology and Culture whose mission is to promote locally based alternatives to the consumer culture.  This theme links to the next which describes intentions for solar cell technology to be used planet-wide, and not just by those wealthy enough to install expensive solar paneling on housing: inexpensive solar cells for the world.
Regular ‘Items’ readers will recall a few weeks back when I suggested that farmers, whose fields had been contaminated by Monsanto’s GE product, should sue the corporation.  Here is precisely that scenario: organic farms suing the contaminators.  Also previously mentioned in ‘Items’ is the idea of humanity being at the cross-roads between hybridization with machinery, or evolution towards a more wholistically integrated form.  In this link, we see that there is a contact lens, available to the public in 2014, allowing for super-human ability to focus on two things at once: contacts that bind human with non-human ability. As  these technologies are introduced, we can become consciously aware of our choice to fuse with it, or choose, instead, a simpler, more organic expression of bodily form.  Likewise, as Smart Meters are now being installed over BC, review this link and see if it is something you agree with: Hacking into the ‘smart meter’
We conclude with this esoteric piece speaking about the solar storms enveloping planet Earth: Entering the solar storms.
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