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New Paradigm: Indigenous Canadians leading the way

In Change, inspiration on February 22, 2016 at 11:50 pm

Haida Gwaii On the EdgeFrom the memorable first glimpse of the Haida Gwaii archipelago, to the hopeful, familiar and heart-warming last scenes of our neighbours to the North, the beautiful BC Northwest is lovingly revealed in the stunning documentary: Haida Gwai: On the Edge of the World. Gently revealing the heart of the Haida Gwaiian people, whose culture thrived for 10,000 years until its people were decimated through disease, rampant commercial logging and industrial over-fishing, this film explores how, with humility and determination, the Haida Nation is recovering, and teaching others, like ourselves, essential lessons in community building and collaboration.

Award-winning director Charles Wilkinson (Oil Sands Karaoke, Peace Out), Haida hereditary Chief Allan Wilson, renowned activist Guujaaw and activists work alongside scientists, organic farmers, artists and quirky islanders to create a new vision of sustainable development. Yet, like the beautiful Cowichan Valley and the pristine coasts of our island, Haida Gwaii sits squarely in the path of the proposed Tar Sands seaway to Asia. The overwhelming and fierce desire to protect land and sea will inform and inspire the similarly challenged residents of the Cowichan Valley.

Duncan United Church Social Justice presents:
Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World (film screening)
Thursday, March 17th, 7pm
admission free or by donation

trailer: Haida Gwaii: film trailer


Tired of the false and unsatisfying? Join me in the work of Social Justice.

In inspiration on October 3, 2015 at 12:33 am

Why do humans war, fight, and resist one another?  A simple understanding is that we have forgotten that we have a choice, and then we descend, unknowingly, into the darkness of unconscious behavior.

In our moment of forgetting, we become convinced of our separation from other life forms in creation.  There naturally arises a fear, blocking our former sense of safety. When this occurs, we become lost to one another.  Disconnected from others, and disconnected from nature, the separated and fearful human attempts to dull the pain through distracted activity, suppression of inner impulses, or aggressive attempts to limit the ’cause’ of the pain.  All of this activity relieves no pain, but allows for the continuation of it, while masking or distorting the origins. We see this fact represented in the current levels of hostility against humanity, other life forms,  and the planet itself.

Social Justice arises in response to the human condition; it is the provision of resources neutralizing the effects of unconscious behaviors and a provocation to individual and collective change. In acknowledging the human condition of negativity, the Social Justice response offers a compassionate refuge; it recognizes that the world progresses when humanity grows dissatisfied with itself.  Thus, we rise not because we have curbed our passions, but because we have cultivated our virtues.  Our impulse towards Social Justice is a natural response to the false and unsatisfying world.

I am committed to work in Social Justice and will soon offer new opportunities.  Meanwhile, please continue to forward your great ideas and comments to me at

The wheel of change moves on, and those who were down go up and those who were up go down. ~Jawaharlal Nehru

EmPowering Ourselves

In inspiration, power on October 26, 2014 at 6:14 am


Practice business with right thought, right words and right action.

 It is important for every citizen to recognize that the dominant institution of our time, reaching into every culture with extraordinary power is impersonating humans.  It is, in fact, the corporation.  Originally a group of people chartered to perform a specific function, subordinate to the people, and supporting the common good, the modern corporation has morphed into a psychopath, having acquired the legal rights and protections of a person, and concerned only with the rights of stock holders.  It has no soul to save, and no body to incarcerate.

A healthy human society is integrated into the web of Earth’s ecosystems.  These societies are cooperative, respectful of their place within the whole, and work with the highest intentions in solving problems.  Modern business is competitive, dominant over ‘resources’ human, earth and animal, and work only towards the creation of wealth for private interests, all the while externalizing costs to future or distant populations.  Our culture has been parasitized by the corporation, and much of our spiritual direction confused by its false leadership.  At this point, awakened humanity recognizes the limits of the corporate business model and is working to create new paths out of the impending crisis caused by dysfunctional leadership.

To assist in the recognition of this dysfunction, and to create new opportunities in current and future choices, Eye Opener Educational Films is screening the new and updated iconic Canadian film, ‘The Corporation (10).  It has been ten years since the film revealed the psychopathic parasitization of our common culture.  On Thursday, November 13th, we will view the first hour of the film and have an important community discussion on the hidden assumptions and inferior theory used to justify the modern corporate paradigm.  On the following Thursday, November 20th,  we will view the second hour of the film and reveal the new ideas, initiatives and organizations that are at the leading edge of a new social movement.

This is a critically important community event, with an intention to galvanize the collective consciousness of our intelligent citizenry.  Taking responsibility for our current situation empowers each and every one of us.  Every empowered person becomes a locus of control and a reproduction of the infinite creative spirit.  When we recognize our independent intelligence, we will know our true place on this planet as an awakened and strong species fully connected within the web of ALL life.  So be it.

Eye Opener Educational Films
with Social Justice, Duncan United Church and the Council of Canadians present:

The Corporation (10)
Nov 13th and 20th 7pm
Duncan United Church – 246 Ingram St. Duncan
admission free or by donation

En couragement

In inspiration on May 18, 2013 at 6:27 pm
How does one live with the gross inequalities that humanity experiences?  Some amongst us may become activists effecting change through policy, others are drawn to education, while still more prefer to not recognize it with a retreat into disconnection.  For those who are aware of it, and still have no easy way to cope with the effects of human suffering, gentle encouragement is offered with messages of hope and care.
 I have assembled a number of good links to encourage, inspire and inform.  The first two links are offered in the spirit of neighbourliness.  Let’s remain aware of the many ways that media is used to manipulate and lead you to erroneous conclusions for the purpose of corporate or undeclared influence.  6 ways scientific studies can trick you.  Here’s a link that pulls together earth changes: Earth changes this past week.  An attempt to synthesize difference of opinion is offered in this documentary: rebellious truths.
I was heartened at this link which ‘proves’ (like we need proof!) that plants communicate with each other using underground fungi: keep the soil healthy!  Those of us who are committed to changing the food distribution paradigm, please view this link: food sharing for all. Have a look at this Spanish town where, in a country that has 27% unemployment, everyone has a job.  Lastly, I leave you with this gently inspirational video to encourage us all in  achieving balance and harmony, and this wildly informational movie that assists you in seeing our universe in a completely new way:Thunderbolts (watch soon before its removed).
Compassion is to share the pain without sharing the suffering. Shinzen Young

Three ways

In Being present, Change, inspiration on February 27, 2013 at 4:55 am


Each of us has something to contribute to the evolving group consciousness. We carefully nurture thoughts to produce right action and right communication; in this way we offer encouragement where it is needed, silence where it’s beneficial, and action where it’s necessary.  Sometimes, however, we get it wrong.  We offer silence when action is more appropriate or perform action when encouragement would have been better.  As we review our thoughts we can see clearly that motivation must align with clarity of purpose. Let’s keep our minds open, our hearts engaged and have faith that the right action or thought, or non-action, will arise as required.

I have assembled some examples of encouragement, silence and action, and am allowing the presence of each to suggest its teaching to us all.  Let’s begin with encouragement.  Those among us involved with children and education will see the inspiration in creating a paradigm shift.  Here’s a good review: education shift.  In food production there are many wonderful stories that aren’t being told.  Here’s one of them:the Indian rice revolution.  A most useful tool is evolving with the Occupy energy: Occupy directory.  I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth repeating: Moving Art Gratitude, which also resembles this:Milky Way meets volcanoes
Silence is what may occur when we have reached a plateau of understanding:electricity from flowers attract bees. Sometimes we must stop thinking and allow ourselves to absorb the significance of what may have been known intuitively.  Silence may also emerge the moment we realize that something is deeply wrong: software tracking your moves sold to FBI ; who controls the world?  and this documentary which I recommend to all: apology of an economic hitman.  Silence can be the response when, despite knowing the problem, we are unable to respond: BC’s sacred headwaters.
Action can arise spontaneously in response to a situation:  take back your power, which is retired Canadian Navy captain’s effort to educate Canadians about smart meter, cell phone and EMR threats.  Or, action can be a more sustained effort to change an existing paradigm: alternative currency goes mainstream: bitcoins; anyone concerned with monetary reform will be inspired by bitcoin’s increasing acceptance.  Finally, action can be courageous and inspirational: gratitude for saving 669 lives
How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.William Shakespeare

The self-teaching community

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Virtuous thought and action are guides to much of human behaviour.  Without clear and noble direction, we may be influenced by inferior energy and become lost in confusion and chaos. However, keeping our counsel, and choosing wisely our companionship in friends and teachers, we may become self-directing individuals, acting in concert with other like-minded souls to form well-functioning and reasonable communities.
As we work towards the achievement of a well-functioning and reasonable community, we may be informed by inspirational people and a review of action and activity that has become dysfunctional.  I have assembled a few key items that serve as examples for this exercise.
For anyone who has ever been an activist please look at the following  links and consider how important it is to define and maintain community standards: Jailing his soul and ordinary citizens as targets of the FBI.  Activism in Canada has recently expanded into international action.  As you read this article, be aware of Canadian standards for espionage: Idle no More.  Lastly, in this theme, please watch this short video narrated by Ed Asner to get a sense of community response to economic dysfunction: the voice of the 99%.
Here is an interesting review of the economic bail-out ‘thank you’ ads which have become common lately: thanking us for allowing them to steal from us.
The following link describes the generation of energy from water vapour:  MIT energy development.
Everyone is invited to attend  Eye Opener Educational Film’s screening of the film: Resonance, Beings of Frequency Jan 17th 7pm at Duncan United Church.  Anyone using or being affected by cell phones, iPhones, wifi, cell towers, electrical towers, smart meters or any other electromagnetic device or service will find this film of interest.
They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing. Hindu Proverb

Change in Perspective

In Change, inspiration, Money on January 10, 2013 at 6:42 am


Deep in the Northern Hemisphere’s winter we are offered an opportunity to rest and, perhaps, review circumstances of life.  We may examine our behaviours, our environment or our goals for relevance.  During one of these introspective reviews, it may occur to us to discard an unworkable or outgrown thing, whether it be a physical object, an idea, point of view or relationship.  When we decide that something is no longer serving its purpose we make room for something else; all living things/systems must grow and change, and humanity’s constructs are no different.  Let’s use this reflective time to determine how we may affect the changes observed on our planet and in our human creations.
To assist us in our winter reflections, let’s begin with the fascinating subject of climate and earth changes from the perspective of the Canadian North: Inuit speak of changes. On another level, the provocation of change can take many form, however it seems to be the case that most of humanity’s change occurs through crisis not proactive change.  The following link details how the reverse of innovation and change has quagmired North America in a sea of greed-oriented non-action: the effects of lazy corporate monopolies.  Lest you feel unduly affected by ‘negative’ communications, consider how it may be possible that negative thought provokes positive action.
Discarding outgrown thought and action makes room for a shift.  Here is an artist’s film work which may assist you in appreciation of Earth’s wonder: time lapse landscapes vol 2.  As we evolve, there comes a time when an outward declaration of our new ‘selves’ is the right action. Have a look at this: declaration of consciousness.  There’s a time for destruction and a time for new creation.  There’s also a time for tweaking what is, in order to allow a gathering of energy.  Here’s a banking place-holder for those who have lost patience with the dysfunctional banking system: the Simple Bank.  Finally, inform one another of the excesses which cause dysfunction:overcompensating the Canadian CEO and forward this link far and wide: Back to our banking roots.
Finally, as a rejoinder to all of the electronic interruptions we are now experiencing: the price of interruption.
Make this film a priority: Resonance, Beings of Frequency a review of ELF and EMF and its effects on your life.  Join us at Eye Opener Educational Film night, Thurs Jan 17th at 7pm, Duncan United Church.
Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. 

We live in a universe of change

In Change, inspiration on December 14, 2012 at 2:17 am

'A human being is part of the whole called by us universe ...' (Albert Einstein)

We live in a universe of change.  Consider how many changes we have individually and collectively experienced in the past year alone.  Adapting our natures to become friendly and open to shift is an important stage for many of us who have become inflexible in body or mind.  When we are open, the vagaries of a morphing culture are taken in stride, and our faith remains to fuel a confident and helpful spirit, ready to assist those less able.

Here are a few links to illustrate this open and flexible approach:the harmonic landfill and music for change.  It is a default setting for humanity to do what its heart desires; have a look at this link and consider the sea change that may result from the adoption of the gift economy.  A functional and caring individual will understand the natural emergence of many Buddhist precepts, most specifically the default for kindness, advocated by this modern social observer.  Finally, have a watch of this interview, discussing the price of civilization.
A worthwhile reflection for those who care to consider the course of humanity’s direction would find this read compelling:conflict and change in an era of economic decline.  Also, for those who are travelling, please consider this change and where it might fit with your perception of our society: TSA’s grip on internal travel tightening.  Meanwhile, complete the understanding of change by embracing the teaching of uncertainty.
Truth is living and therefore changing.  Bruce Lee 

Look around in amazement

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So many amongst us are building new lives amidst the ruination of old.  We are enthusiastically leaving behind that which seems broken to create new paradigms and structures worthy of humanity’s great potential.  When we focus our heart’s power and mindfulness on finding creative work arounds and adaptations to a crumbling infrastructure we harness infinite strength, flexibility and endurance.  We are individually and collectively inspired as we witness these great shifts; some of us emerge into the joy of peace, and become leaders to those who may follow.
The following video is a 20 minute testimony to humanity’s infinite potential for creating anew.  Please watch and forward: sharing our collective strength.  Another organization is emerging as a focus for deep human transformation:Awakened World 2012,  Yet more shift is underway with the yes men kickstarter.  A civilized effort at re-teaching those who’ve lost their way:Norwegian prison system.  Finally, here’s a reality check for the thrive movement; a fascinating look at life in a cube, and a a new Humanity to consider.
Some of us are following up on Chemtrails.  Here’s a fascinating update and development worth reviewing: near collision.  Others are feeling anxiety and are unsure why.  Maybe it’s time to check the Facebook account: The flattening of you.  Anyone familiar with higher education will be interested to learn that 70% of jobs do not require colledge education.  Last of all, here’s something to think about as you heal your life and build anew: changing personal habits, and health destroyed by GMOs and drawn into surveillance by critical thought.
The idea is there locked inside. All you have to do is remove the excess stone.  Michelangelo 

Our Emerging Power

In inspiration, Transparency on November 30, 2012 at 12:02 am

Afraid of Change? Overcoming Fears in 10 Steps


When we find ourselves anxious about some future scenario, we must recall to mind that the future is but a mental creation with no substance or reality.  We withdraw our energy from the future thought bubble and become grounded in the present with infinite power to control our minds.  Remain alert to know when our powerful presence has been usurped by an insipid fantasy scenario; we will recognize it at the moment we feel anxious about ‘the future’.  At that moment we may become aware of all that we have not yet seen: it is a powerful and transformative experience worthy of reflection.
To assist in the effort of recognition, we begin in earnest with this work: let your life…which is a call to all of us, near and far, to awaken from collective hypnosis to the treachery at hand.  Know, from viewing this link, that we may not consider ignorance a refuge: rising up because it’s the right action. The following report names organizations and individuals engaged in offshore money hording: the offshore account shadow.  Meanwhile, ordinary individuals are encouraged to spy upon one another: Report these people.  If this manipulation is too subtle to detect, compare it with propaganda from the 1950s Communists, and consider the irony of fear when the facts of this state’s goals are revealed: jailing children for profit
Conversely, may you be inspired and delighted by these efforts.  Please watch this work unfold: the virtual choir.  Recall the gift of friendship in your life: the art of friendship.  Knowing another’s story is a simple way to recognizing our unity:walk a mile in her shoes.  Here’s a young scientist with a decisive response to creating clean water for all: water for all.  Last week’s funny video became a broken link.  Here’s the video in a working link: man gobbles at turkeys.  Finally, for those of us who are moved through non-peace to peace, this link will confirm the role of guidance: being guided to peace.
Honesty is telling the truth to ourselves and others. Integrity is living that truth.  Ken Blanchard