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Begin with compassion

In Inner motives, inspiration on November 2, 2012 at 4:40 am

Recent news items on weather storms and climate have focused attention on humanity’s responsibility for impending or actual disaster.  We are frequently reminded of our responsibility for global warming and many undesirable weather phenomena negatively affecting the human condition.  Whether or not one accepts the charge that people have created storm and geologic shift is not as important as why this meme seems so universally appealing. Judging one another for contributing to seemingly unavoidable disaster scenario causes division and further alienation in a humanity already deeply manipulated into disunity.  Releasing the desire to judge others while working to relieve the effects of ignorance and suffering, through education or other action, allows a powerful energy to radiate into the collective human experience. In this way, we act through compassionate wisdom to solve problems as they arise whether they originate from human ignorance or not.   Let’s dissolve our desire to judge one another and begin working now at this superior level where we access our powerful and radiant inner guide.
This week’s items for consideration allow us to see that sometimes what we are called to do is to bring light and love to a situation. The first link shows the effects of love on a three year old’s development: the wisdom of loving care.  The next link is a series of short videos which expand upon the idea of love as a generative and healing force in the re-structuring effort of the Occupy Movement.  Have a look: Occupy Love.  The following link shows how one creative group of people is literally bringing the light in: sunlight in a pipe!.  For those who are inspired by the Occupy Movement, this is a worthwhile 1 1/2 hour video: the Hacktivists.  Lastly, here is a dedicated and enthusiastic worker for compassionate economics: the Revolution is love.
In contrast to the efforts of those who are working compassionately to restructure broken systems, we are reminded of the limited and defeating results of greed and controlOpposing GMO food labelling.  In the US, there is pressure to influence citizenry on who to vote for: can a company fire you for the way you vote?. This link highlights the frustration of a worker unable to be the light she desires to be: the teacher quits. Finally, the ‘austerity’ measures causing misery and disharmony amongst millions of citizens is examined in the same vein: tax dodgers imposing austerity 
We end with the understanding that in order to effectively shift our collective experience, we are recalled to act from a position of power, emboldened with the armour of love, as evidenced in this short video: apologizing for us all.
  There are no others.  Ramana Maharishi 
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Examine motive before taking action

In chemtrails, Communication, Inner motives on October 25, 2012 at 7:37 pm


Much of what we reveal in our communication are beliefs we hold about the universe, our world, or our personal state of mind.  We make suggestions to others based on our own knowledge, and we listen to those with whom we are aligned either through commonalities or affinities. Our communications can form alliances, promote further isolation, or leave us neutral.  In all cases, communication reveals our ability to remain open while challenging us to reserve judgment.  Communication with others may also reveal our own inner motives and areas for personal shift: assessing inner motives.   With all communications, recall that its essence is to commune.  Sometimes, saying nothing is all that is necessary, at other times, speaking with great respect for the power of words is appropriate.  May we all understand the significance of our communications, spoken or not.
Our first theme is a friendly reminder about economy.  Taking a stand against humanity’s injustice to one another is an 8 year old girl who felt she had to ‘do something’ about child slavery.  Watch this short video for an inspirational review on the subject: lemon-aid stand against slavery.  Another item to inform and reveal on an economic point, is this short article re-iterating what we know already: equality is happiness.  Discussion on the economy wouldn’t be complete without a review of the trickery and deception occurring through the bond bubble.  Further deceptive practices are revealed in this link, detailing how Americans were manipulated by reading books on the best-sellers list: recovered history of the housing meltdown.  Here, we are intrigued to learn that perhaps fuel need not be strictly manipulated via Big Oil: synthesizing fuel from the air. Finally, Big Sugar has its grip on much of our food system, here’s a quick review on the year-round: Hallowe’en tricks.

Chem trails are still on our minds these days.  Will Abram’s much-viewed ten minute film will be a good introduction to those of us who are yet to be convinced of their existence: over beautiful Maple Bay.  This 15 minute review  assists in discovery about the subject of chemicals in the sky: chem trails review, while the following BBC update on the pollutants and experiments in British skies will likewise inform: British chemtrails.
To delight and share with you some animated artwork, we may view this short work: Tir Nan Og-the gift of the crows, and a gift to all of us is this piece:  the invention of love.
Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.Maori Proverb