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Look around in amazement

In Communication, healing, inspiration on December 8, 2012 at 6:39 pm


So many amongst us are building new lives amidst the ruination of old.  We are enthusiastically leaving behind that which seems broken to create new paradigms and structures worthy of humanity’s great potential.  When we focus our heart’s power and mindfulness on finding creative work arounds and adaptations to a crumbling infrastructure we harness infinite strength, flexibility and endurance.  We are individually and collectively inspired as we witness these great shifts; some of us emerge into the joy of peace, and become leaders to those who may follow.
The following video is a 20 minute testimony to humanity’s infinite potential for creating anew.  Please watch and forward: sharing our collective strength.  Another organization is emerging as a focus for deep human transformation:Awakened World 2012,  Yet more shift is underway with the yes men kickstarter.  A civilized effort at re-teaching those who’ve lost their way:Norwegian prison system.  Finally, here’s a reality check for the thrive movement; a fascinating look at life in a cube, and a a new Humanity to consider.
Some of us are following up on Chemtrails.  Here’s a fascinating update and development worth reviewing: near collision.  Others are feeling anxiety and are unsure why.  Maybe it’s time to check the Facebook account: The flattening of you.  Anyone familiar with higher education will be interested to learn that 70% of jobs do not require colledge education.  Last of all, here’s something to think about as you heal your life and build anew: changing personal habits, and health destroyed by GMOs and drawn into surveillance by critical thought.
The idea is there locked inside. All you have to do is remove the excess stone.  Michelangelo 

Overcoming obstacles

In healing, inspiration on June 19, 2012 at 6:40 pm

It sometimes occurs that we encounter obstacles in our effort towards the achievement of goals.  Whatever the origin of the obstacle, we may choose to resist it, destroy it or go around it.  It is also possible to re-focus our energy and dissolve the blockage by ignoring it, which is not the same as acknowledging its existence and purposefully moving around it.  An example of such re-focus is forgiveness.  In an act of forgiveness we may give the obstacle no energy.  We behave as if it did not exist at all.  An insult can be received with such re-focus by the immediate act of forgiveness; we may sense a ripple in the energy field, but our conviction that no harm was intended allows the insult to dissolve as quickly as it arose.
 When practiced regularly,  the immense power of the divine act of forgiveness is harnessed and used for the evolution of all humanity.  Imagine how relationship would shift if all insult was received into the field of forgiveness.  The mind itself would be released of all hurt and grudge-bearing, and energy would flow freely through and between those in relationship one to the other.  While the moment of forgiveness is a moment of divine grace, it is, nevertheless, an energy which can be summoned with faith and practice.  It is a compelling teaching to be the first to practice the art of forgiveness.
With this thought in mind, I present a number of links and items for consideration.  The first is a video compilation of exhilarating and beautiful athletic achievement.  I include it as a reminder that obstacles can sometimes be the very provocation required for personal achievement: the body in motion.  The next series of links are intended as possibilities for forgiveness.  Again, imagine if the moment of divine grace were to descend upon those who are seized by the intense desire to control and manipulate: 6 corporations control 90% of US media.  Imagine the immense power if those being abused were the first to offer forgiveness. In the following links we may re-view the scenario with bank managers who are led by heart instead of the negative energy which seems to have taken grip: foreclosure loss and foreclosure makes billionaires out of millionaires.  Finally, this link returns our thoughts to possibilities for obstacle removal: shareholder activism.
As we age, we become more aware of the desire to maintain the mind-body connection.  The good news is that coordination need not diminish at all:  dancing for the heart-mind connection.  The following video is an ad, but included because it’s a beautiful reminder of our shared heritage: what a wonderful world.  Next, let’s recall the immensity of the desire to connect with one another.  Over a life-time we are all of us called to enter the energy field of love.  With desire to return to the perfection from whence we came, the template of loving energy constantly nudges us towards forgiveness as we become drawn to the infinity of life’s end journey.  Here’s a video that reminds us of the human equivalent of completion, suggested in the imagery of one’s twin soul.
Lastly, I leave you with this short video link from the space shuttle.  I’ve included it because it stirs the imagination  like nothing else on Earth!

The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there.Yasutani Roshi

Awakening to possibility

In healing, inspiration on June 18, 2012 at 1:39 am

We are awakening unto our divine presence and beholding the transcendent beauty of life on this planet!  Many of us are actively creating the vision of a transformed economic system, organizing co-operative exchange cultures, exposing heretofore unchallenged assumptions and hidden motive in corporate or national agendas, all the while revealing the perfection of Earth‘s interconnected web of life as the divinely inspired matrix from which we have all sprung.  Our participation in the creation of true community whether by vision, leadership or fellowship is our testament to the inner conviction of human unity and the observation that cooperation transcends competition in serving the needs of all.  It is deeply satisfying to sense the collective will towards unification and inclusion as a counter to the excessive and aggressive effort at division and isolation emanating from the traditional power sources.
This week’s review of news and events celebrates this shift of consciousness, but begins with the practical beyond corporate capitalism so that we may recognize both the failures of the current system, and the possibilities of evolving systems of human organization.  Refer, also, to this informative infographic on Canadian income inequality.  Next, it is sometimes a fascinating exercise to look from the outside in. Here is the Chinese view on American  human rights issues.  More disturbing, perhaps, is the American development of profit driven surveillance which is emerging in every state and into the lives of every citizen.  Finally, in reviewing the efforts of the Occupy movement and the 99% spring, we consider what comes next.
So it is we come to the realm of possibility. Have a watch of this interview with Alfred Webre to hear his fascinating account of the current state of exopolitics.  Not familiar with the term?  It’s all explained here: we live in a multiverse world.  Next, we all know the refrain of 2012 being a transformational year.  Here is an inspirational video that explains why we can, and should, live with joy in our hearts as we prepare ourselves for the inevitable shift: 2012: A message of hope.  This particular video is then followed by the more recent, but similarly inspirational message of faith: Message of hope 2. More introspectively, we are offered this thoughtful review and vision of global unity: oneness:  what would it look like?  Finally, if you haven’t already, please view this Cowichan Valley production on anti-bullying:One Voice -1nes
 We close with a parting gift for spring: what a plant can sense through smell and for those who love the music “O Fortuna” (Carl Orff) and have a sense of humour, have a watch of this: Oh! For tuna!
Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. Norman B. Rice

Signposts along the way

In healing, inspiration on May 9, 2012 at 4:36 am

I am certain we have all had conversations about government/corporate/religious institutions that misrepresent, cheat or outright lie to the citizenry which support them.  As more is revealed and becomes transparent, it seems equally as much as hidden and purposefully distorted.  The effect of this effort to both reveal and obfuscate is felt on the personal and community level.  We all feel the effects of lies, just as we all feel the effects of honesty.  Here is a link that shows the nation-wide outcome of institutional lying: lack of trust.  Now here is a link discussing the personal effects of lying on behalf of the institution: Why I am leaving Goldman Sachs.  Equally fascinating is this link where one reveals one’s truth while simultaneously threatening a national institution:Facebook ‘like’ can get you fired.  Finally, standing up for your beliefs, or acting publicly for the truth of what you believe, may place you in opposition with your own community: bus becomes jail in Quebec, and Arrested for protesting coal.
For those who want to gather information on the internet without enabling tracking devices, it is important to learn the basics of incognito browsing.  Here’s a link to assist: look without being watched.  Also, view this TED video: Tracking the trackers
While some are busily shutting others down because their beliefs are ‘threatening’, others are opening up heretofore undiscovered or unexplored territory.  We begin with 10 amazing discoveries, and then move on to 3-d printing.  After reading this link, you may ask yourself why schools where you live aren’t equally as inspired? kids like these and 3-d printing changes commerce.  Finally, Star Trek comes to life!  Check out Queen’s university’s human media lab work on teleporting.  Lastly, this science link which reveals the emergence of mutated dandelions in Nova Scotia: mutations.
I close this missive with two offerings; the first is sure to inspire, and be especially pleasing to those of us with personal experience in healing: the inspirational healing journey.  This link is a gift to all my drumming friends and anyone with a heart-beat: life is rhythm

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend
.  Henri Bergson