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How to Radiate Power

In chemtrails, debt, inspiration, power on September 19, 2012 at 10:26 pm

As we absorb information from one another, let us be aware of our ability to radiate powerful energy.  With laser-like precision, we can dissolve ego-based manipulations and falseness and send powerful impulses of attractive energy.  Each of us knows, intuitively, when we are in the presence of non-truth.  We can sharpen our abilities with practice, and by allowing our own self-deceptions to clear.  How do we release self-deception and cloudy insight?  We must practice forgiveness in all things.  We spoke previously about how a relationship will shift when an insult or injury is greeted by warm and forgiving tolerance.  Equally, our own sharpness in perception will improve when we forgive ourselves for attempting self-deception.
When the impulse to justify unloving and ungenerous behaviour arises within us, maybe as a result of believing fearful ‘stories’ of lack, victimization or insult, we can become aware of our desire to disconnect from others.  It is easier to engage in self deception when there is a perceived threat to self. Imagine, however, experiencing what seems to be a threat, and allowing the desire to react to simply pass. The fearful story connects with nothing and its ability to influence behaviour dissolves.  We remain observant; we are released of self-deception.  We experience our great power, capable of radiating impulses of loving kindness.  This power is what will unite humanity as we join our souls in a concentrated impulse of dynamic energy.  Imagine what we can do, together!
Our first link to consider is an example of humanity’s power.  In this link we may reflect on the enormous energy that has been used to control and limit nature’s bounty.  We may also, likewise, reflect on humanity’s spirit to move beyond these limits: guerrilla grafters secretly growing food in the city.  In the following link, we again see the radiant energy of humanity as it finds a new way to honour the righteousness of nature: River granted the rights of a person.  Technological invention can be the result of this expansion of personal power.  Here’s an inspirational video: solar inventions.  Likewise, relationships between adults and children can be released from the bands of manipulative and limiting coercion: the schools our children deserve.
 In a previous message we spoke about the limitations of competition.  Here is an article that asks why it is that we promote the divisive practice of setting one against the other: why do Americans crush each other? If we consider that money is a symbol of our stored energy,  the tendency to withhold money energy from one another in the desire to somehow ‘get ahead’ makes the underlying ‘fear’ message transparent.  This link indicates how our community will fare when musical chairs stops: Canada’s housing bubble about to burst.  The following link suggests the limitations of disconnecting one from the other: selling public assets can plague societies long after.
In closing, here are links from others with keen insights and interesting skills. The first is a site devoted to subversive haiku, and I have chosen the first poem for you to ponder.  This next link is a video on body movement as art. We can be inspired by those who offer leadership in viewing money as energy: sacred economics.  Finally, in this video, we are inspired to be informed factually of the weather manipulation projects in Texas this summer: weather manipulation through cloud seeding.

We carry within us the wonders we seek without us. Sir Thomas Brown

Truth needs no defence

In debt, Money on September 12, 2012 at 3:54 am

The new year for many has begun, and we turn our attention once again to subjects of interest.  For many people, the economy is of concern, mostly because of the effects on personal budgets, but also because there is a desire to understand the world-wide influence of crises.  Let’s begin with this short and simple precis, detailing some basics on the economy.  After reading that, the ‘news’ on the student debt bubble which has begun to burst, will be equally informative: tipping point for student debt. This Canadian infographic on university education is equally instructive: students asked to take a hike.  Are you a renter, or do you rent property to others?  Have you heard of the ‘rentier’ economy?  This useful review of the concept of rentier finance and its destructive grip on our collective resources will inform anyone with a desire to better understand why traditional economic analysis is unequivocally useless: rentier finance.  Crossing over to the world of work, then, where financial return is closely analyzed for economic indications, it will be no surprise to learn that unemployment has significantly affected our society: re-employed at a lower pay.  If these subjects have the air of being manipulative, you may have a good intuition.  Have a read of this: we don’t ‘owe’ trillions, and you don’t ‘owe’ $50 000!.  Lastly, here are another two links speaking plainly on the subject of manipulative economics: stagflation and millionaire politicians, and modern money and public purpose (the latter is a well-respected site but will ask for your email address to allow viewing of video).
All of us concerned with the free flow of information will want to review the following links, especially this: Keshe foundation under US presidential attack.  In situations of information/misinformation/disinformation, this particular website seems to have been flagged by the US government and is worth looking at for this reason alone.  Cross-referenced here, New Paradigm Digest seems equally fascinated by the potential indicated in the latest of Keshe Foundation announcements.  With increasingly active resistance to piplelines in Canada, this reference: action camp offers a timely review.  In addition, 50% of the American population is under attack in much the same manner as women in countries where fundamentalist Islamic principles are in effect: what you need to know about being female in America.  In the interests of a free flow of information, I’m including this 60 Minutes presentation on flavor enhancers, as it will surely engage any person requiring to eat any amount of grocery-store packaged food.  Lastly, if you haven’t already seen it: 9/11 explosive evidence-experts speak out
Let’s end on a curious, collectively engaging couple of subjects.  The end of 2012 is approaching, so let’s see what’s being said on the subject: 2012 rising; and view this delightful dance montage I’ve got soul (but I’m not a soldier!).

Speak from the heart and the truth will be shown.   Jean Paul-Alice

Release all that is False

In death, debt, generosity on May 23, 2012 at 5:10 am
 It is Our Choices
Nothing in life focuses the will of humanity quite like the experience of death: with its approach we are invited to deeply know ourselves and release all that is false.  It is the will of many students of enlightenment to ‘die before you die’, which is to reach the state of release and deep self-knowledge arising from the clear recognition of truth and illusion.  Were we all to know this state as we lived here on this planet, it is doubtful that we would be as plagued as we are with issues of inequality, inhumanity and delusional states of isolation, fear or want.  In the spirit of recognizing death’s teachings,  we are invited to listen to the following interview with a woman who experienced death and returned to speak about it. Beyond and back (the link states ‘student debt’, but the audio is the correct link).
The desire to release the grip of illusory fear and its controls is reflected in many world-wide efforts to unite and strengthen humanity’s ability to care for one another and to return the planet to a place of balance.  In reviewing how our energy is captured by the monetary system, and then manipulated and controlled by a power elite having little in common with equality or unity, we are urged to become aware of our complacency and ignorance, while simultaneously being inspired to return to our natural place within Earth’s living systems. For those who wish it, here is a brief review on how Canadians got into ‘debt’, and here is a description on further efforts to extract wealth for the few: trade agreements you’ve never heard of.
Countering these trends towards further economic enslavement are visions of functional economic structures: the new economic movement; designs for generosity and sharing, and the discovery of microscopic interdependence: bacteria share, don’t compete.  And here is a trend that reverses the swamping of human rights in the US: right to record cops
Within large movements there is the tendency to absorb and deflect the potential and effort of individuals.  This link describes how to maintain the integrity and power of the small within the largekeeping small groups active within large movements.
Here is a link to the usually staid Government of BC website advising on zombie preparedness. Enjoy this  energetic review of human joy and couragehumans are amazing!.  Finally, this beautiful mantra to meditate upon: the Gayatri Mantra: and may we all be with you.
Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with the truth. Thich Nhat Hanh