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The Community you make

In death, inspiration on October 10, 2012 at 11:03 pm

how to make friends
Photo by Yasin Hassan


This week’s message is a dedication to family and the family members you choose: your friends.  Our friends are the companions we choose along the way. They are sometimes the ones who see the pain in our eyes when others see the smile on our face.  Other times they are the ones who reflect back to us the beauty of our own soul.  With the passing of a friend, we can sometimes be suspended between two places: the person we were as a companion, and accompanied, and the person who feels suddenly alone.  With reflection, and the passage of time, this suspension eventually resolves itself and we find ourselves re-engaged in life’s activities. The past friendship, it seems, becomes a crystal of compassion, lodged within the heart, gently radiating love to new friends all around.  May we know the love of true friendship and be the first to offer it, in honour of those whom we have loved, and who have passed on before us.
This first link is certain to make you weep, but I send it not for the purpose of emotional response, but as a gentle reminder that family and friend can sometimes be the same: Cry, then smile!  This next link is an interesting development in re-inventing the village, have a look at the picture and see whether you find it attractive: re-creating community.  Also,  Thailand offers a workable alternative to a broken economy: sufficiency economy.
As many of us are thinking up new ways to honour and respect our friends, family and community, we are still left with a dying system that entraps, disrespects and isolates others: top 1% got 93% of income growth, and wealth created at expense of youth.  In Canada, and especially Alberta, the anticipation of expanded oilsands development has companies recruiting in the ‘old countries’ relocating from the village.  Finally, there are more of these ‘we’re not in debt’ links emerging as we learn how the media and monetary system is manipulated: 8 facts prove we’re not broke.
In closing this week’s short message, here is this song, sent in loveGoing Home
We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own. Ben Sweetland 

Release all that is False

In death, debt, generosity on May 23, 2012 at 5:10 am
 It is Our Choices
Nothing in life focuses the will of humanity quite like the experience of death: with its approach we are invited to deeply know ourselves and release all that is false.  It is the will of many students of enlightenment to ‘die before you die’, which is to reach the state of release and deep self-knowledge arising from the clear recognition of truth and illusion.  Were we all to know this state as we lived here on this planet, it is doubtful that we would be as plagued as we are with issues of inequality, inhumanity and delusional states of isolation, fear or want.  In the spirit of recognizing death’s teachings,  we are invited to listen to the following interview with a woman who experienced death and returned to speak about it. Beyond and back (the link states ‘student debt’, but the audio is the correct link).
The desire to release the grip of illusory fear and its controls is reflected in many world-wide efforts to unite and strengthen humanity’s ability to care for one another and to return the planet to a place of balance.  In reviewing how our energy is captured by the monetary system, and then manipulated and controlled by a power elite having little in common with equality or unity, we are urged to become aware of our complacency and ignorance, while simultaneously being inspired to return to our natural place within Earth’s living systems. For those who wish it, here is a brief review on how Canadians got into ‘debt’, and here is a description on further efforts to extract wealth for the few: trade agreements you’ve never heard of.
Countering these trends towards further economic enslavement are visions of functional economic structures: the new economic movement; designs for generosity and sharing, and the discovery of microscopic interdependence: bacteria share, don’t compete.  And here is a trend that reverses the swamping of human rights in the US: right to record cops
Within large movements there is the tendency to absorb and deflect the potential and effort of individuals.  This link describes how to maintain the integrity and power of the small within the largekeeping small groups active within large movements.
Here is a link to the usually staid Government of BC website advising on zombie preparedness. Enjoy this  energetic review of human joy and couragehumans are amazing!.  Finally, this beautiful mantra to meditate upon: the Gayatri Mantra: and may we all be with you.
Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with the truth. Thich Nhat Hanh