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The Purpose of Sensitivity

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Sensitive trailer


Did you know that there is a group of people whose genetic variations cause them to function with much greater sensitivity than the rest?  20% of all humans, and 99 other species, show a genetic trait of High Sensitivity where environmental information actually processes differently, alerting the individual to shifts that the rest of the group does not sense.

Four areas of sensitivity occur in individuals with this trait.  These people (and other species) process information at a greater depth, are more easily overstimulated by sensory information, have a higher emotional reactivity, and are cued to pick up on more subtleties than the general population.  The trait actually assists group survival by allowing a percentage of the population to be much more aware of subtle environmental changes and retaining the knowledge more readily should change in action be required.  Think of it as natural insurance for a group.  If two in ten people sense danger that the rest of the group doesn’t, and lead the group to safety, the entire population thrives.

How does a  highly sensitive person’s brain differ? The insula is activated to process more subtle, and greater volumes of information, while retaining this information readily in memory. However, with such intense activity comes overstimulation.  A HS individual processes more information at a deeper level but is also more easily overstimulated in a shorter amount of time.
Another difference is in mirror neurons. In the brain of the highly sensitive, mirror neurons are more active, allowing the individual to experience greater empathy with others and other life-forms. The greater stimulation of mirror neurons assists the HS to know others’ intentions and feelings in non-verbal ways, again potentially leading to overstimulation, but also allowing the individual to sense hostility or friendliness, thereby cueing the rest of the group.*
 Finally, HS individuals access and process more subtle information, using it to strategize and assist in life’s various tasks. They may have sharper senses (acute hearing, sense of smell) or not, but the HS consistently process the information in a more conscious manner, creating a richer bank of experience to draw upon.
If we are not highly sensitive, then we probably know someone who is.  This is the child who is slow to warm up to new situations, is easily overwhelmed by noise or bright lights, observes more, and ‘picks up’ on subtle changes in the emotional environment.  The adults with high sensitivity are similar, but, with more years living, are, perhaps, better at adapting to the environment.  Close connection with these people reveals their highly sensitive natures, however.
Whether you are highly sensitive, know or work with someone who is, or have a family member who seems ‘sensitive,’ the fact is 20% of human population experiences the world differently to the other 80%.  Join us at Duncan United Church, Thursday, January 21st to watch the landmark documentary about this fascinating genetic trait, and explore our experiences with the highly sensitive.
Jan 21, 7 pm
Duncan United Church
Admission free or by donation
*Some may think that emotions cause illogical thought-processes. But this is not true: recent research has placed emotion at the centre of wisdom. Without an emotional connection to an experience, a lesson is likely to be forgotten, however with an emotional response, it is more deeply embedded and available to inform us in future scenarios.

Revealing our intentions

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When we review the intent of our communication, we may realize that the messages we send are tailored for the audience.  In addition,  if we scrutinize further, we may also discover an attempt to manipulate our audience by excluding information, exaggerating points, or skewing the message with incorrect language.  Our intentions at communicating become entangled with falsity the moment we consciously choose to withhold, distort or misrepresent the truth for our own purposes.  It is exceptionally important for enlightened individuals and communities to monitor the mind so as to halt effort at manipulation the moment it is formed as a thought.  We must retain control over our communication if we are to dwell peacefully with each other.  In any case, the more sensitive amongst us will discern untruth, and the tendrils of trust between two entities will be damaged.  Let’s be mindful of our intentions on every impulse to connect with one another, and carefully choose our words so as to nurture our healed community.

In order to fully realize the negative effect of manipulated communication, please review the following links. The first link is a must-read for any of us who have ever taken a prescription drug.  Further, it is recommended reading for all who believe in the integrity of the scientific process: Lies, omissions and half-truths being prescribed.  In mainstream media (MSM) we are subjected to advertising, which is generally recognizable, but increasingly we are tricked into reading  (unidentified) sponsored stories.  The workplace reflects an ill-defined ‘agreement’ between employee and employer.  This excellent article is worth reading to the end, especially if you are female or have ever been exploited at work: the rise of the permanent temporary worker. Finally, there was an exit of 114 billion dollars from banks in January-read this to learn how it’s being explained: the mystery of the missing $$$.
The continued polarization in information management is well-illustrated in the Smart Meter campaign.  Please look at this link to see how two moms were treated during their effort to limit their exposure: the smart meter spin.  Further to the first link in today’s message, after learning that science is not being practiced in pharmacological research, it will not surprise the reader to learn that American health worst of nearly all industrialized countries.  The close link between corporate policy and health is indicated in this review of chocolate, cheese, meat and sugar.
These last links are more inspirational.  The first is a push-back against the divisiveness of standardized educational testing: seattle teacher uprising.  While the next video documents the moment one realizes the preposterous position of false reality: enlightened laughter.
Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. Juvenal

The self-teaching community

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Virtuous thought and action are guides to much of human behaviour.  Without clear and noble direction, we may be influenced by inferior energy and become lost in confusion and chaos. However, keeping our counsel, and choosing wisely our companionship in friends and teachers, we may become self-directing individuals, acting in concert with other like-minded souls to form well-functioning and reasonable communities.
As we work towards the achievement of a well-functioning and reasonable community, we may be informed by inspirational people and a review of action and activity that has become dysfunctional.  I have assembled a few key items that serve as examples for this exercise.
For anyone who has ever been an activist please look at the following  links and consider how important it is to define and maintain community standards: Jailing his soul and ordinary citizens as targets of the FBI.  Activism in Canada has recently expanded into international action.  As you read this article, be aware of Canadian standards for espionage: Idle no More.  Lastly, in this theme, please watch this short video narrated by Ed Asner to get a sense of community response to economic dysfunction: the voice of the 99%.
Here is an interesting review of the economic bail-out ‘thank you’ ads which have become common lately: thanking us for allowing them to steal from us.
The following link describes the generation of energy from water vapour:  MIT energy development.
Everyone is invited to attend  Eye Opener Educational Film’s screening of the film: Resonance, Beings of Frequency Jan 17th 7pm at Duncan United Church.  Anyone using or being affected by cell phones, iPhones, wifi, cell towers, electrical towers, smart meters or any other electromagnetic device or service will find this film of interest.
They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing. Hindu Proverb

Look around in amazement

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So many amongst us are building new lives amidst the ruination of old.  We are enthusiastically leaving behind that which seems broken to create new paradigms and structures worthy of humanity’s great potential.  When we focus our heart’s power and mindfulness on finding creative work arounds and adaptations to a crumbling infrastructure we harness infinite strength, flexibility and endurance.  We are individually and collectively inspired as we witness these great shifts; some of us emerge into the joy of peace, and become leaders to those who may follow.
The following video is a 20 minute testimony to humanity’s infinite potential for creating anew.  Please watch and forward: sharing our collective strength.  Another organization is emerging as a focus for deep human transformation:Awakened World 2012,  Yet more shift is underway with the yes men kickstarter.  A civilized effort at re-teaching those who’ve lost their way:Norwegian prison system.  Finally, here’s a reality check for the thrive movement; a fascinating look at life in a cube, and a a new Humanity to consider.
Some of us are following up on Chemtrails.  Here’s a fascinating update and development worth reviewing: near collision.  Others are feeling anxiety and are unsure why.  Maybe it’s time to check the Facebook account: The flattening of you.  Anyone familiar with higher education will be interested to learn that 70% of jobs do not require colledge education.  Last of all, here’s something to think about as you heal your life and build anew: changing personal habits, and health destroyed by GMOs and drawn into surveillance by critical thought.
The idea is there locked inside. All you have to do is remove the excess stone.  Michelangelo 

Our Evolving Senses

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When our attention is in the present moment and not in some future ‘what if’ scenario, or in recollections of the past, we are keenly aware of our surroundings and all of the elements of which it is comprised. Using our senses consciously we are informed visually, auditorally, physically and through scent or taste.  In addition, we may sense information on other levels, through an inner knowing or using a heightened sense of clair-audience, or clairvoyance.  It is important to remain in the present moment so as to not distract the mind from its essential task of processing incoming data.  For this reason, we must be careful to speak truthfully, and sparingly, communicating only essential information.  In cases when we are in crisis, this task often happens naturally as the mind is forced into acute awareness and shuts down ‘noise’.  As we evolve, let us become aware of our innate ability to communicate with expanded awareness, using our sharpened senses on higher levels.  Close the avenues of excess, and open the human heart/mind to distilled and precise communications.
I am including some information that may be of assistance as we consider our collective future on this planet during what has been called the pivotal period of 2012.  The first link provides updates on earth changes published every 2 weeks and is the latest November update, but look, also, for previous postings: 2012 changes-November.  The following link is a particularly dense offering of information on 2012, enjoining us to look beyond the immediate data to patterns that may influence us all: Beyond 2012. One’s focus may be assisted by understanding the context of human history.  This is an academic and fascinatingly inclusive review: ancient to present: an inclusive human history.  The latest in earth sounds may intrigue you: Sounds of unknown origin, another unknown sound and a recent solar prominence.
As humanity assesses its position on the planet, the basic functions of  survival are reviewed.  Food control is a survival basic.  Here’s an update on the defeated campaign for labeling of genetically modified food. more campaigns emerge at defeat of prop 37.  This interesting development may be of concern to meat-eaters:new allergy to meat after tick bite.  Finally, in reviewing money, understand the disproportionate leverage that WalMart exerts in your community and consider how boycotting that organization may provide the push back required for balance:don’t shop walmart on the 23rd.
In closing, here are a number of inspirational videos that remind us of our compassionate friends and neighbours.  writing letters of love to strangers.  An inspirational rain forest ad, more joyous song from kids: a wonderful world.  Here’s something that made me laugh: laughing at turkeys, and the common sense alternative to private ownership: the sharing economy.
Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Examine motive before taking action

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Much of what we reveal in our communication are beliefs we hold about the universe, our world, or our personal state of mind.  We make suggestions to others based on our own knowledge, and we listen to those with whom we are aligned either through commonalities or affinities. Our communications can form alliances, promote further isolation, or leave us neutral.  In all cases, communication reveals our ability to remain open while challenging us to reserve judgment.  Communication with others may also reveal our own inner motives and areas for personal shift: assessing inner motives.   With all communications, recall that its essence is to commune.  Sometimes, saying nothing is all that is necessary, at other times, speaking with great respect for the power of words is appropriate.  May we all understand the significance of our communications, spoken or not.
Our first theme is a friendly reminder about economy.  Taking a stand against humanity’s injustice to one another is an 8 year old girl who felt she had to ‘do something’ about child slavery.  Watch this short video for an inspirational review on the subject: lemon-aid stand against slavery.  Another item to inform and reveal on an economic point, is this short article re-iterating what we know already: equality is happiness.  Discussion on the economy wouldn’t be complete without a review of the trickery and deception occurring through the bond bubble.  Further deceptive practices are revealed in this link, detailing how Americans were manipulated by reading books on the best-sellers list: recovered history of the housing meltdown.  Here, we are intrigued to learn that perhaps fuel need not be strictly manipulated via Big Oil: synthesizing fuel from the air. Finally, Big Sugar has its grip on much of our food system, here’s a quick review on the year-round: Hallowe’en tricks.

Chem trails are still on our minds these days.  Will Abram’s much-viewed ten minute film will be a good introduction to those of us who are yet to be convinced of their existence: over beautiful Maple Bay.  This 15 minute review  assists in discovery about the subject of chemicals in the sky: chem trails review, while the following BBC update on the pollutants and experiments in British skies will likewise inform: British chemtrails.
To delight and share with you some animated artwork, we may view this short work: Tir Nan Og-the gift of the crows, and a gift to all of us is this piece:  the invention of love.
Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.Maori Proverb