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Go placidly amidst the noise

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It sometimes happens that we become mentally tired of learning ‘new’ things.  Too much information, change, or detail can tax the most patient, and invoke a sense of numbness whose purpose, it seems, is to disconnect us from further mental demands.  As this state is reached, we might find ourselves cast adrift, feeling as if we have departed from the social consciousness joining one another in the busy world.  Disconnected from constant updates and ‘noise’ we become capable of observation and, perhaps, reflection.  We may understand the subtle teachings that speak of too much knowledge and not enough wisdom.  We cease our inner discussions and refrain from making judgments against others; we become peaceful.  As we go about life’s business, may we remain aware of the power of our own silence, and seek balance in our mental pursuits.
Those who are interested in chem trail phenomena will find this link of value: the reality of geo-engineering, while this Swedish politician’s remarks will assist in expanding the validity of research on chem trails: Swedish chemtrail update.  This next link indicates effects of chemical pollution in the human body: why it’s sometimes hard to understand and this link featuring a banker, tells it like it is for those who would continue to see humanity divided.
As we make the transition from one state to the next, we are sometimes forced to dwell within contradiction.  This excellent link discusses the importance of remaining present to the lessons experienced in this unique and highly instructive state: our infinite potential.  The contradictory state of deprivation and abundance is common to many.  distribution of economic pain discusses the bubble’s ability to transfer wealth from the many to the few. Again, the contrast of wealth and poverty is highlighted in the Western world’s economic shift: Poor America and protesting European austerity.  Prop 37, to label GMO foods in California, was struck down. Here’s a link showing how this was done: companies against GMO labelling. However, have a look at this DIY alternative: serving the greater good, and this farmer’s attempt against Monsanto.
Seeking balance in all things, we enjoy the simplicity of life’s gifts.  Awe-struck.  Here’s a different simplicity: ceramic bowl to purify water.
Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life. Immanuel Kant

Knowing and Being the Truth

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Rational and intuitive comprehension of ‘news’ or life events may reveal a disconnect between the information being presented and a knowing that emerges from within.  The reason there is a disconnect is that there is, on some levels, an integrated effort to distort and confuse humanity for the purpose of control and manipulation.  However, when we are confronted with this disconnect, we are cautioned to recall the wisdom of our own intelligence.  While we may not always have a counter-argument at hand, we must recognize that argument is not always necessary.  Be compassionate, wise and observant, and know that we are all endowed with the ability to discern truth from dishonesty.
Let’s look at some links which reveal the difference between alternate reality and primary reality.  An important observation is what occurs within the environment in which we live.  Please watch this video link:climate researcher on chemical geo-engineering.  In addition, please visit Estee’s SkyWatch in Victoria Fbook page: Skywatch Victoria.
The predicted systemic collapse connecting many facets of human experience may be viewed as an inevitable conclusion to gross manipulations and distortions.  Consider how we may honestly reckon with one another.  Consider the distortions that may be hiding in plain view: agenda 21. Know that whenever  fear is being generated that the effort to divide humanity is at work.   Gmo labelling failure and  Poisoned sea animals are links supportive of transparency.  Finally, this link is a must-watch for anyone taking pharmaceuticals: pharmaceutical truth speaker.
Meanwhile, conscious individuals are producing movements and works of importanceA visionary guide to global awakening. Youth emerge from the silence of oppressive educational institutions: the We generation. Building homes is the theme of this eco link: Eco homes on CBC.  Countering the intensity of the above-mentioned agenda 21 theme is this offering from a fascinating individual: heart resonance teachings.
if you observe well, your own heart will answer. de Lubicz 
(Picture: Chem trail and chem halo over Vancouver Island 2012)

Examine motive before taking action

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Much of what we reveal in our communication are beliefs we hold about the universe, our world, or our personal state of mind.  We make suggestions to others based on our own knowledge, and we listen to those with whom we are aligned either through commonalities or affinities. Our communications can form alliances, promote further isolation, or leave us neutral.  In all cases, communication reveals our ability to remain open while challenging us to reserve judgment.  Communication with others may also reveal our own inner motives and areas for personal shift: assessing inner motives.   With all communications, recall that its essence is to commune.  Sometimes, saying nothing is all that is necessary, at other times, speaking with great respect for the power of words is appropriate.  May we all understand the significance of our communications, spoken or not.
Our first theme is a friendly reminder about economy.  Taking a stand against humanity’s injustice to one another is an 8 year old girl who felt she had to ‘do something’ about child slavery.  Watch this short video for an inspirational review on the subject: lemon-aid stand against slavery.  Another item to inform and reveal on an economic point, is this short article re-iterating what we know already: equality is happiness.  Discussion on the economy wouldn’t be complete without a review of the trickery and deception occurring through the bond bubble.  Further deceptive practices are revealed in this link, detailing how Americans were manipulated by reading books on the best-sellers list: recovered history of the housing meltdown.  Here, we are intrigued to learn that perhaps fuel need not be strictly manipulated via Big Oil: synthesizing fuel from the air. Finally, Big Sugar has its grip on much of our food system, here’s a quick review on the year-round: Hallowe’en tricks.

Chem trails are still on our minds these days.  Will Abram’s much-viewed ten minute film will be a good introduction to those of us who are yet to be convinced of their existence: over beautiful Maple Bay.  This 15 minute review  assists in discovery about the subject of chemicals in the sky: chem trails review, while the following BBC update on the pollutants and experiments in British skies will likewise inform: British chemtrails.
To delight and share with you some animated artwork, we may view this short work: Tir Nan Og-the gift of the crows, and a gift to all of us is this piece:  the invention of love.
Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.Maori Proverb

How to Radiate Power

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As we absorb information from one another, let us be aware of our ability to radiate powerful energy.  With laser-like precision, we can dissolve ego-based manipulations and falseness and send powerful impulses of attractive energy.  Each of us knows, intuitively, when we are in the presence of non-truth.  We can sharpen our abilities with practice, and by allowing our own self-deceptions to clear.  How do we release self-deception and cloudy insight?  We must practice forgiveness in all things.  We spoke previously about how a relationship will shift when an insult or injury is greeted by warm and forgiving tolerance.  Equally, our own sharpness in perception will improve when we forgive ourselves for attempting self-deception.
When the impulse to justify unloving and ungenerous behaviour arises within us, maybe as a result of believing fearful ‘stories’ of lack, victimization or insult, we can become aware of our desire to disconnect from others.  It is easier to engage in self deception when there is a perceived threat to self. Imagine, however, experiencing what seems to be a threat, and allowing the desire to react to simply pass. The fearful story connects with nothing and its ability to influence behaviour dissolves.  We remain observant; we are released of self-deception.  We experience our great power, capable of radiating impulses of loving kindness.  This power is what will unite humanity as we join our souls in a concentrated impulse of dynamic energy.  Imagine what we can do, together!
Our first link to consider is an example of humanity’s power.  In this link we may reflect on the enormous energy that has been used to control and limit nature’s bounty.  We may also, likewise, reflect on humanity’s spirit to move beyond these limits: guerrilla grafters secretly growing food in the city.  In the following link, we again see the radiant energy of humanity as it finds a new way to honour the righteousness of nature: River granted the rights of a person.  Technological invention can be the result of this expansion of personal power.  Here’s an inspirational video: solar inventions.  Likewise, relationships between adults and children can be released from the bands of manipulative and limiting coercion: the schools our children deserve.
 In a previous message we spoke about the limitations of competition.  Here is an article that asks why it is that we promote the divisive practice of setting one against the other: why do Americans crush each other? If we consider that money is a symbol of our stored energy,  the tendency to withhold money energy from one another in the desire to somehow ‘get ahead’ makes the underlying ‘fear’ message transparent.  This link indicates how our community will fare when musical chairs stops: Canada’s housing bubble about to burst.  The following link suggests the limitations of disconnecting one from the other: selling public assets can plague societies long after.
In closing, here are links from others with keen insights and interesting skills. The first is a site devoted to subversive haiku, and I have chosen the first poem for you to ponder.  This next link is a video on body movement as art. We can be inspired by those who offer leadership in viewing money as energy: sacred economics.  Finally, in this video, we are inspired to be informed factually of the weather manipulation projects in Texas this summer: weather manipulation through cloud seeding.

We carry within us the wonders we seek without us. Sir Thomas Brown

We are the unifying force

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Enjoy a hot summer day in Nanaimo!

This week’s selection of items illustrates how polarities become, through our observation, unified. As we view the various links, let’s be aware of any inner response to approve or disapprove of the contents, and realize that, on a deeper level, what we are doing is continuing an ancient desire to separate ourselves from elements of existence.  Imagine a ray of sunshine choosing to bend itself away from darkness because it couldn’t bear to shine upon ditch water!  It doesn’t happen because the sun shines equally upon all things and doesn’t discriminate between worthy or unworthy effort.  The same is true for the light of our own being.  We can share our joy with whomever, because we can bear the truth of all things. We become the unifying consciousness that dissolves barriers and unites separation.  Behold our great power!
Let’s begin with a short essay on paradox.  Next, a 3 min video from a street photographer: friend to all. Now let’s look at how immigrants are sold to private prisons in the US for profit: immigrants for sale.  Know anyone who has given you advice on how or what to eat?  In the US, that could be construed as a violation.  Follow this link to see why: give nutrition advice-get sued  Recall the Fukushima nuclear disaster and all the info and disinfo that quickly followed the story.  If you had the sense that facts were being distorted, this link will seem validating: told to shield their measuring devices, levels lowered by 30%.  There is a great deal of money and technology supporting domestic spying in North America.  View this link on mosquitoes, and ask yourself to what end the information may be used: mosquito spies.  Chemtrails have featured before in these messages.  Many among us are not yet convinced of their existence.  However, view this link and see that mainstream news is now reporting on the existence of weather modification companies.  Barbecues are a summer staple for many.  Here’s a short video on the hidden cost of hamburgers.
Be overcome with the splendor of our cosmos in this 3-d flight through the universe, and follow that by a visit to the latest crop circle. Next, we are onto healing the planet with the intermediary of fungus-we spoke about this before as being the step between trauma and renewal: mushrooms in the amazon.  How about a different view of the earth and its hidden secrets?  Check out potential new pyramid discovery.  For those interested in more mundane activity, here’s an interesting invention: cardboard bikes!  Let’s review the theme on paradox and recognize how far we’ve come: duality and the triune force.  Lastly, we’ll end with a video sure to be uplifting: laughing with the gorilla
Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridgeStephen Levine

The Way is in the heart

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As we continue to better ourselves and our environment through conscious and purposeful action, we are cautioned to remain alert to the chatter in the mind guiding or, sometimes, sabotaging, our efforts.  It is a fact that sometimes we forget who we are and behave irrationally or with reaction as opposed to response.  This behaviour can be termed ‘low quality’, which is of course, not as desirable relative to ‘high quality’.  Low quality action and high quality action differ because of the presence of mind one experiences at any given moment.  View this review of the Bhagavad Gita with Eckhart Tolle to further understand how we allow intelligent action to arise.  Tao teaches us to awaken intelligence: when we lose our way.

 Perhaps one is feeling forced to action because of the ‘expectation’ of others.  Naturally contemplative people sometimes lose their direction when overwhelmed by social norms which seem to value action over inaction, and doing over being.  View this short talk to see whether the description of an amnivert may support the return to more introverted behaviours.

Our news and information sources are replete with stories of humanity which has ‘lost its way’.  Here is an example of civic behaviour which seems ill-guided: the public-private partnership extreme.  Alternatively, one may review the chem-trail issue to sense what insight is leading the continued experience of chemical spraying changing the sky.  New applications of technology force us, again, to the cross-roads between humanity as we know it, and humanity integrated within the matrix of technology and fantasy: who am I really?.  Finally, there are many medical/technology fusions lately, here’s one for restoring sight with wireless tech: wireless eye implants
Here is an update on Lyme disease from the BC centre for disease control: tick bites.  While out for your daily walk, mind the uplifting story this grad class speaker has for all of us: walking to change the world.
 May 16 post
The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. Gautama Buddha

We are made of this

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This week’s emergent teaching theme appears to be the cosmos.  Many links on the subject of stars and space found their way to me and so it is my pleasure to share them with you.  Please begin with this two minute video taking you on a tour of the planet from the International Space Station: Alone in the Night.  Following that, we share astrophysicist Tyson’s amazing realization that humanity is, in fact, connected to the stars through the atomic structure of the elements which we all share: The most astonishing fact.  Extending that deep realization into our bodies happens when we become conscious of energy circulating through us.  Mantak Chia teaches how to remain open to cosmic and Earth energy through  microcosmic orbit channelling: Microcosmic Orbit.  (The first image is anatomical-do not be alarmed!).  Finally, there is this written reflection on the upcoming cosmic alignment of Dec 21/2012: Being Awake and this visual tribute to our Magnificent Universe.
In its own paragraph is this submission for your consideration.  It is devoted to the subject of chemical trails in our sky, and may influence you to become more aware of the sky where you live.  Of particular interest was the Youtube link ‘proof that chemtrails are not contrails’, scrolling downwards about one-fifth from the start of the link: Island online news.
For those who are watching with fascination the appearance of various species of white animals, here’s one to reflect upon: White Orca.  Additionally, this video from a reader is her personal favorite for its uplifting effect.  It’s a beautiful horse in a dressage competition:Sublime Dressage.
I’m ending this message with an affirmation of the source of happiness.  It appears that what makes people happy is not so much what they think it is (more wealth) but something much easier to obtain because it is based upon generosity of spirit.  Watch this TED talk from Vancouver speaking to the way to joyful living: Buying Happiness.
He who obtains has little. He who scatters has much. Lao-Tzu