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The Way is in the heart

In Ancient wisdom, chemtrails, human/tech hybridization, inspiration on May 23, 2012 at 5:02 am

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As we continue to better ourselves and our environment through conscious and purposeful action, we are cautioned to remain alert to the chatter in the mind guiding or, sometimes, sabotaging, our efforts.  It is a fact that sometimes we forget who we are and behave irrationally or with reaction as opposed to response.  This behaviour can be termed ‘low quality’, which is of course, not as desirable relative to ‘high quality’.  Low quality action and high quality action differ because of the presence of mind one experiences at any given moment.  View this review of the Bhagavad Gita with Eckhart Tolle to further understand how we allow intelligent action to arise.  Tao teaches us to awaken intelligence: when we lose our way.

 Perhaps one is feeling forced to action because of the ‘expectation’ of others.  Naturally contemplative people sometimes lose their direction when overwhelmed by social norms which seem to value action over inaction, and doing over being.  View this short talk to see whether the description of an amnivert may support the return to more introverted behaviours.

Our news and information sources are replete with stories of humanity which has ‘lost its way’.  Here is an example of civic behaviour which seems ill-guided: the public-private partnership extreme.  Alternatively, one may review the chem-trail issue to sense what insight is leading the continued experience of chemical spraying changing the sky.  New applications of technology force us, again, to the cross-roads between humanity as we know it, and humanity integrated within the matrix of technology and fantasy: who am I really?.  Finally, there are many medical/technology fusions lately, here’s one for restoring sight with wireless tech: wireless eye implants
Here is an update on Lyme disease from the BC centre for disease control: tick bites.  While out for your daily walk, mind the uplifting story this grad class speaker has for all of us: walking to change the world.
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The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. Gautama Buddha