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Humans and bees

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Please attend Eye Opener Educational Film’s presentation of More than Honey, a beautiful documentary about the plight of bees in a complex world. Duncan United Church, Thursday, March 6, 7 pm,   admission free or by donation. Discussion afterwards.
Honey bee colony decline is discussed in this science article: the drivers of honey bee loss, and cross contamination between honeybees and wild bees.
Please watch this encouraging and short video by Dr. Gabor Mate: the myth of human nature.
This is an excellent review of the purpose of Free Trade agreements, the latest of which is the Trans Pacific Partnership: eroding nation states.  Also, please review Dan’s video on local opposition to the TPP: Council of Canadians opposes TPP.
Do you still get the bulk of your information from mainstream media? Please look at this:Blatant CNN propaganda evident in these two pictures.  Then consider how The American state is using police resources: Amerikan Stasi police state.
When negativity becomes overwhelming, it’s good to refresh oneself in the basics.  I like this project: virtues review.
The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.Nelson Henderson
Thanks to all the supporters of Eye Opener Educational Films including Diana, Ken, Melody, Cowichan Green Community, and Duncan United Church.