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En couragement

In inspiration on May 18, 2013 at 6:27 pm
How does one live with the gross inequalities that humanity experiences?  Some amongst us may become activists effecting change through policy, others are drawn to education, while still more prefer to not recognize it with a retreat into disconnection.  For those who are aware of it, and still have no easy way to cope with the effects of human suffering, gentle encouragement is offered with messages of hope and care.
 I have assembled a number of good links to encourage, inspire and inform.  The first two links are offered in the spirit of neighbourliness.  Let’s remain aware of the many ways that media is used to manipulate and lead you to erroneous conclusions for the purpose of corporate or undeclared influence.  6 ways scientific studies can trick you.  Here’s a link that pulls together earth changes: Earth changes this past week.  An attempt to synthesize difference of opinion is offered in this documentary: rebellious truths.
I was heartened at this link which ‘proves’ (like we need proof!) that plants communicate with each other using underground fungi: keep the soil healthy!  Those of us who are committed to changing the food distribution paradigm, please view this link: food sharing for all. Have a look at this Spanish town where, in a country that has 27% unemployment, everyone has a job.  Lastly, I leave you with this gently inspirational video to encourage us all in  achieving balance and harmony, and this wildly informational movie that assists you in seeing our universe in a completely new way:Thunderbolts (watch soon before its removed).
Compassion is to share the pain without sharing the suffering. Shinzen Young