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Growing a new Earth

In Change, Money on April 11, 2013 at 3:40 pm



The light of spring gently calls us forth from the quiet of our winter homes. While  busying ourselves with the work of the land,  we anticipate the growing gardens of produce, the blossoming and fruiting of trees, and the delight of home-grown food.  Likewise, let’s nurture our community with the same care and compassion, listening carefully to and supporting each other as we gently nudge ourselves along.
Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.Desiderius Erasmus
Meanwhile, springtime has me thinking of how our community grows, gathers and distributes food.  In the growing stage, we are reminded of Monsanto’s increasing influence in the ‘food industry’.  Have a look at this link to see what can be done in Canada: Non-Gmo project. More disturbing is the desire to criminalize those who would  reveal the cruelty of ag-farming: recording the abusers is the crime
I’m including this beautiful link to inspire you to collaborate in your projects: Virtual Choir heralds a spring rainstorm.  Also, in honour of spring, please watch this (36 minute) video on the The Ceremony of Original Innocence. This link brings together both issues: kids growing up in poverty in the US: growing up poor.
For those who are looking for reasons why the kids seem so unhappy, have a read of this article: here’s why they don’t like school.  This US article gives the real picture on unemployment: 63% working.
Thursday April 18th is Eye Opener Educational Film’s screening of Fresh-a film to inspire us all on the possibilities of achieving local, healthy and real food farming that nourishes both the body and the community.  Please come and share this uplifting and worthwhile message at 7 pm, Duncan United Church-admission free or by donation.