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Our cooperative nature

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As we gather our energies together in response to Spring’s joyous call, we  are reminded of our collective interdependence.  The growing plants, the newly arriving animals, the increasing rains and warming of the land sustain, inspire and nourish all life.  Let’s respond to this abundance with a conscious dedication to awaken and support one another with courage and compassion as we break systemic dysfunction, and form new relationship agreements.
This week’s thematic message is centred upon resource sharing.  We begin with Tolle’s peaceful teaching about spirituality and wealth: wealth and spirituality mutually exclusive? The Co-Op model of resource sharing is re-emerging as a viable alternative to the broken model in which we are all forced to participate now: Co-Op as a choice, andeconomy under new ownership.
 For an inspirational and honest review of one musician’s experience in breaking out of the old economic model, watch this: a time to build, a time to destroy.  Let’s view an exceptional modeling of belief and reality about our current monetary system, please take the time to watch this revealing 8 minute video: how it really is.  After seeing that, this development: World Trade outlaws Ontario green policy will not be as surprising. I’m including this it all begins with an idea as further inspiration in what is possible.
For the resource-sharing gardener, or the community minded, please watch guerilla gardening.  Sharing inventions is a model of co-operative action emerging via technology.  I am certain you will be inspired by this work: invisible motion software (now available for free).  Lastly, a few weeks back, a mini-doc was released called ‘the Untouchables’.  It revealed how it is that NOT ONE banker was arrested during the recent fraudulent excesses that were committed with our money.  Here’s this link to respond to watch and read in response: fallout from untouchables.
  To close the theme on opportunities to awaken and re-build, here’s a final link on personal finance and why it’s good to question ‘experts’: the truth on your personal finances.
For those who are inspired to continue this discussion on systemic dysfunction within the economic system, please join us at Eye Opener Educational Film’s screening of Inside Job – 7pm Thursday March 21 at Duncan United Church.  Admission free or by donation.

If great truth does not enter into our relation to money, it cannot enter our lives. Jacob Needleman