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Your presence is a Gift

In Being present on January 23, 2013 at 5:35 am

When peace is desirable, it is important to remain mindful of each passing moment.  Being mindful means not thinking of ‘A’ when doing ‘B’.  It means giving full attention to the matter at hand, and listening, carefully, to the person who is communicating with us.   Being present allows us to honour ourselves and each other by entering into communion with whatever is before us.  It is a joy to connect with others when we are truly present with them.  Let’s nurture and protect our precious relationships where we have invested time, effort and care. Guard against intrusion, and allow the fullness of the present moment develop; behold the beauty that is now!
Recall the power of presence in this link: capturing the essence of communion.  It is easy to feel the love and joy for each other when we allow ourselves, and others, to simply be.  Equally, sharing a passion with  another and supporting and caring for the relationship that emerges is an inspiration: the heart that soars.  It is important to remain aware of the thoughts forming in the mind as they are powerful reflections of all that is possible.  Please review these Super Brain clips, certain to be of interest to anyone concerned with well-being.  Finally, recall that the present moment is the only place where anyone may dwell: maintaining passion.
Sometimes we come across links that serve to gladden our hearts: sunshine for life!  And, sometimes we come across links that serve to reinforce our resolve to overcome ignorance: Hostess-another version of reality and the stock market scam.  Finally, it is wise to be aware of certain facts as we go about our business: uncontrolled chemicals.
As we close, I’m including this link because I just know someone will find it endlessly fascinating!  It’s real time air traffic: flight radar To view your region or town, zoom in by tapping with your mouse.  Click on an airplane, and on the left screen you will get all the flight information: airline, type, speed, altitude in real time, calculated every 10 seconds. On some, you can also click on ‘view from the cockpit’.  Enjoy!
The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.  Abraham Maslow 

The self-teaching community

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Virtuous thought and action are guides to much of human behaviour.  Without clear and noble direction, we may be influenced by inferior energy and become lost in confusion and chaos. However, keeping our counsel, and choosing wisely our companionship in friends and teachers, we may become self-directing individuals, acting in concert with other like-minded souls to form well-functioning and reasonable communities.
As we work towards the achievement of a well-functioning and reasonable community, we may be informed by inspirational people and a review of action and activity that has become dysfunctional.  I have assembled a few key items that serve as examples for this exercise.
For anyone who has ever been an activist please look at the following  links and consider how important it is to define and maintain community standards: Jailing his soul and ordinary citizens as targets of the FBI.  Activism in Canada has recently expanded into international action.  As you read this article, be aware of Canadian standards for espionage: Idle no More.  Lastly, in this theme, please watch this short video narrated by Ed Asner to get a sense of community response to economic dysfunction: the voice of the 99%.
Here is an interesting review of the economic bail-out ‘thank you’ ads which have become common lately: thanking us for allowing them to steal from us.
The following link describes the generation of energy from water vapour:  MIT energy development.
Everyone is invited to attend  Eye Opener Educational Film’s screening of the film: Resonance, Beings of Frequency Jan 17th 7pm at Duncan United Church.  Anyone using or being affected by cell phones, iPhones, wifi, cell towers, electrical towers, smart meters or any other electromagnetic device or service will find this film of interest.
They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing. Hindu Proverb

Change in Perspective

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Deep in the Northern Hemisphere’s winter we are offered an opportunity to rest and, perhaps, review circumstances of life.  We may examine our behaviours, our environment or our goals for relevance.  During one of these introspective reviews, it may occur to us to discard an unworkable or outgrown thing, whether it be a physical object, an idea, point of view or relationship.  When we decide that something is no longer serving its purpose we make room for something else; all living things/systems must grow and change, and humanity’s constructs are no different.  Let’s use this reflective time to determine how we may affect the changes observed on our planet and in our human creations.
To assist us in our winter reflections, let’s begin with the fascinating subject of climate and earth changes from the perspective of the Canadian North: Inuit speak of changes. On another level, the provocation of change can take many form, however it seems to be the case that most of humanity’s change occurs through crisis not proactive change.  The following link details how the reverse of innovation and change has quagmired North America in a sea of greed-oriented non-action: the effects of lazy corporate monopolies.  Lest you feel unduly affected by ‘negative’ communications, consider how it may be possible that negative thought provokes positive action.
Discarding outgrown thought and action makes room for a shift.  Here is an artist’s film work which may assist you in appreciation of Earth’s wonder: time lapse landscapes vol 2.  As we evolve, there comes a time when an outward declaration of our new ‘selves’ is the right action. Have a look at this: declaration of consciousness.  There’s a time for destruction and a time for new creation.  There’s also a time for tweaking what is, in order to allow a gathering of energy.  Here’s a banking place-holder for those who have lost patience with the dysfunctional banking system: the Simple Bank.  Finally, inform one another of the excesses which cause dysfunction:overcompensating the Canadian CEO and forward this link far and wide: Back to our banking roots.
Finally, as a rejoinder to all of the electronic interruptions we are now experiencing: the price of interruption.
Make this film a priority: Resonance, Beings of Frequency a review of ELF and EMF and its effects on your life.  Join us at Eye Opener Educational Film night, Thurs Jan 17th at 7pm, Duncan United Church.
Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.