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Dissolving competition

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There is power in non-competition.  It arises in the place of purposeful non-action, and allows the striving and aggressive pursuit of goals to appear exactly as they are: a struggle and desire to dominate. However, imagine a situation where the desire to compete is simply unmet.  No conflict arises.  Perhaps an aggressor goes home with the prize, but what is the worth of that?  Withdraw from subtle competitions in daily life, and much strife and dissatisfaction dissolves.  Create relationships worth cultivating by meeting one another, instead of opposing one another.  Encounter obstacles with the calm assurance that the right thing will arise in the right time.  Be assured that the right tool, the right knowledge, the right effort will arise because it is the will of the universe. Let’s dissolve the insane grip of competition and allow harmony and unity to emerge with ease!
Following are a series of items to be considered. As the links are reviewed, consider how a co-operative effort would have shifted the outcome of each issue.  First, let’s begin with the land beneath your feet and see how it is that some US states are granting the oil and gas companies the right to extract, or frack, on private (your) property.  Or, examine the emergence of the surveillance state by understanding how license plate readers are tracking movement.  Housing is shifting, more rapidly in the US than in Canada, and here’s an explanation of how: rentable. The subject of this link: $10 000/year as a professor is the pay of college and university teachers.  As homes continue to be foreclosed in North America, the social toll increases: foreclosure deaths.  In reviewing these links we recognize quickly that pitting one group against another results in dissatisfaction. Imagine how different the social landscape would be with co-operative intention replacing competition.
Here is another set of links.  The first reveals the automation of the workforce and surprises us with assertions that wikipedia entries are mostly edited by bots: ruling the world.  This link is also about automation: how google autocompletes.  Next, we have a site devoted to a more human aggregate in its work towards achieving sustainable living standards for all:
the steady state organization.  And finally, these two links about disagreement: the first is a TED talk enjoining us to disagree: dare to disagree  while the second is the viral video of the Irish smackdown.
As an offering to those working on male/female relationship issues, here’s this link on sexuality: health/science/spirit discussion.  Finally, Tolle’s teaching is a reflection that staying present clears the human body for a better immune response.
Thanks this week to Lee, Derek, Grant and Diana.

Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.  Zen saying

We are the unifying force

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Enjoy a hot summer day in Nanaimo!

This week’s selection of items illustrates how polarities become, through our observation, unified. As we view the various links, let’s be aware of any inner response to approve or disapprove of the contents, and realize that, on a deeper level, what we are doing is continuing an ancient desire to separate ourselves from elements of existence.  Imagine a ray of sunshine choosing to bend itself away from darkness because it couldn’t bear to shine upon ditch water!  It doesn’t happen because the sun shines equally upon all things and doesn’t discriminate between worthy or unworthy effort.  The same is true for the light of our own being.  We can share our joy with whomever, because we can bear the truth of all things. We become the unifying consciousness that dissolves barriers and unites separation.  Behold our great power!
Let’s begin with a short essay on paradox.  Next, a 3 min video from a street photographer: friend to all. Now let’s look at how immigrants are sold to private prisons in the US for profit: immigrants for sale.  Know anyone who has given you advice on how or what to eat?  In the US, that could be construed as a violation.  Follow this link to see why: give nutrition advice-get sued  Recall the Fukushima nuclear disaster and all the info and disinfo that quickly followed the story.  If you had the sense that facts were being distorted, this link will seem validating: told to shield their measuring devices, levels lowered by 30%.  There is a great deal of money and technology supporting domestic spying in North America.  View this link on mosquitoes, and ask yourself to what end the information may be used: mosquito spies.  Chemtrails have featured before in these messages.  Many among us are not yet convinced of their existence.  However, view this link and see that mainstream news is now reporting on the existence of weather modification companies.  Barbecues are a summer staple for many.  Here’s a short video on the hidden cost of hamburgers.
Be overcome with the splendor of our cosmos in this 3-d flight through the universe, and follow that by a visit to the latest crop circle. Next, we are onto healing the planet with the intermediary of fungus-we spoke about this before as being the step between trauma and renewal: mushrooms in the amazon.  How about a different view of the earth and its hidden secrets?  Check out potential new pyramid discovery.  For those interested in more mundane activity, here’s an interesting invention: cardboard bikes!  Let’s review the theme on paradox and recognize how far we’ve come: duality and the triune force.  Lastly, we’ll end with a video sure to be uplifting: laughing with the gorilla
Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridgeStephen Levine

Inner abundance

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Working for justice, loving kindness and walking humbly, may this message find you in good spirit.  There is so much good news to share!  I have assembled a selection of inspirational and fascinating links for your perusal and hope that this mid-summer offering will be of some service in your community work.  As the links are both diverse and numerous I am eliminating themes and making short references that will assist you in your review.
This paragraph is for those who are inspired by the continued ‘bad news’ about the economy to innovate solutions that bypass entrenched ideas.  Reputation currencies is a short video to pique your curiosity on monetary options. The Future of Finance is a good selection when requiring a burst of fresh ideas on the same subject. Next is the Immense Possibilities website featuring a link on the bank of North Dakota whose work seems to reflect some basic Prairie values that some may remark are dwindling in Canada: Banking possibilities.  In the co-operative model, have a look at file sharing as religion.
This paragraph is for links related to art and music as inspiration.  The first is for lovers of the spoken word: Words are software in your programming.  Next is artwork against BP (remember the oil spill?) in this Art as guerrilla warfare.  Dance and community will inspire you in this update to Where the hell is Matt 2012, and song: Halleleujah!
Here we have various links without theme, but included because they’re important: the first is inspirational because it asserts there is a conspiracy of love.  We’ve spoken before about the emergence of group consciousness on the planet.  Here’s a link that thoughtfully reviews the subject: quantum consciousness,  Media manipulation is a recurrent theme in our discussions.  Here’s a good link discussing the Batman film now in theatres as a carefully contrived message of hopelessness: the Dark Knight rises.  How about a mock of Enbridge?  Enbridge ad mock and another reason to mistrust the Facebook belief in its worth: ad scamming.  Lastly, a video on the FDA and its War on Health.
Joy and happiness are the indicators of balance in a human machine.Walter Russell