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Release all that is False

In death, debt, generosity on May 23, 2012 at 5:10 am
 It is Our Choices
Nothing in life focuses the will of humanity quite like the experience of death: with its approach we are invited to deeply know ourselves and release all that is false.  It is the will of many students of enlightenment to ‘die before you die’, which is to reach the state of release and deep self-knowledge arising from the clear recognition of truth and illusion.  Were we all to know this state as we lived here on this planet, it is doubtful that we would be as plagued as we are with issues of inequality, inhumanity and delusional states of isolation, fear or want.  In the spirit of recognizing death’s teachings,  we are invited to listen to the following interview with a woman who experienced death and returned to speak about it. Beyond and back (the link states ‘student debt’, but the audio is the correct link).
The desire to release the grip of illusory fear and its controls is reflected in many world-wide efforts to unite and strengthen humanity’s ability to care for one another and to return the planet to a place of balance.  In reviewing how our energy is captured by the monetary system, and then manipulated and controlled by a power elite having little in common with equality or unity, we are urged to become aware of our complacency and ignorance, while simultaneously being inspired to return to our natural place within Earth’s living systems. For those who wish it, here is a brief review on how Canadians got into ‘debt’, and here is a description on further efforts to extract wealth for the few: trade agreements you’ve never heard of.
Countering these trends towards further economic enslavement are visions of functional economic structures: the new economic movement; designs for generosity and sharing, and the discovery of microscopic interdependence: bacteria share, don’t compete.  And here is a trend that reverses the swamping of human rights in the US: right to record cops
Within large movements there is the tendency to absorb and deflect the potential and effort of individuals.  This link describes how to maintain the integrity and power of the small within the largekeeping small groups active within large movements.
Here is a link to the usually staid Government of BC website advising on zombie preparedness. Enjoy this  energetic review of human joy and couragehumans are amazing!.  Finally, this beautiful mantra to meditate upon: the Gayatri Mantra: and may we all be with you.
Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with the truth. Thich Nhat Hanh

The Way is in the heart

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As we continue to better ourselves and our environment through conscious and purposeful action, we are cautioned to remain alert to the chatter in the mind guiding or, sometimes, sabotaging, our efforts.  It is a fact that sometimes we forget who we are and behave irrationally or with reaction as opposed to response.  This behaviour can be termed ‘low quality’, which is of course, not as desirable relative to ‘high quality’.  Low quality action and high quality action differ because of the presence of mind one experiences at any given moment.  View this review of the Bhagavad Gita with Eckhart Tolle to further understand how we allow intelligent action to arise.  Tao teaches us to awaken intelligence: when we lose our way.

 Perhaps one is feeling forced to action because of the ‘expectation’ of others.  Naturally contemplative people sometimes lose their direction when overwhelmed by social norms which seem to value action over inaction, and doing over being.  View this short talk to see whether the description of an amnivert may support the return to more introverted behaviours.

Our news and information sources are replete with stories of humanity which has ‘lost its way’.  Here is an example of civic behaviour which seems ill-guided: the public-private partnership extreme.  Alternatively, one may review the chem-trail issue to sense what insight is leading the continued experience of chemical spraying changing the sky.  New applications of technology force us, again, to the cross-roads between humanity as we know it, and humanity integrated within the matrix of technology and fantasy: who am I really?.  Finally, there are many medical/technology fusions lately, here’s one for restoring sight with wireless tech: wireless eye implants
Here is an update on Lyme disease from the BC centre for disease control: tick bites.  While out for your daily walk, mind the uplifting story this grad class speaker has for all of us: walking to change the world.
 May 16 post
The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. Gautama Buddha

Signposts along the way

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I am certain we have all had conversations about government/corporate/religious institutions that misrepresent, cheat or outright lie to the citizenry which support them.  As more is revealed and becomes transparent, it seems equally as much as hidden and purposefully distorted.  The effect of this effort to both reveal and obfuscate is felt on the personal and community level.  We all feel the effects of lies, just as we all feel the effects of honesty.  Here is a link that shows the nation-wide outcome of institutional lying: lack of trust.  Now here is a link discussing the personal effects of lying on behalf of the institution: Why I am leaving Goldman Sachs.  Equally fascinating is this link where one reveals one’s truth while simultaneously threatening a national institution:Facebook ‘like’ can get you fired.  Finally, standing up for your beliefs, or acting publicly for the truth of what you believe, may place you in opposition with your own community: bus becomes jail in Quebec, and Arrested for protesting coal.
For those who want to gather information on the internet without enabling tracking devices, it is important to learn the basics of incognito browsing.  Here’s a link to assist: look without being watched.  Also, view this TED video: Tracking the trackers
While some are busily shutting others down because their beliefs are ‘threatening’, others are opening up heretofore undiscovered or unexplored territory.  We begin with 10 amazing discoveries, and then move on to 3-d printing.  After reading this link, you may ask yourself why schools where you live aren’t equally as inspired? kids like these and 3-d printing changes commerce.  Finally, Star Trek comes to life!  Check out Queen’s university’s human media lab work on teleporting.  Lastly, this science link which reveals the emergence of mutated dandelions in Nova Scotia: mutations.
I close this missive with two offerings; the first is sure to inspire, and be especially pleasing to those of us with personal experience in healing: the inspirational healing journey.  This link is a gift to all my drumming friends and anyone with a heart-beat: life is rhythm

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend
.  Henri Bergson

We’re closer than we think

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The arrival of May, is an excellent provocation for reflection upon human and planetary solidarity.  Knowing that we are integral parts of a great collective is an essential first step to living a conscious life.  One aspect of solidarity is political; a current example is in Quebec, where we see Canadian students inspiring the solidarity movement through peaceful protest in the face of indifference, abuse and ignorance: Quebec students ignite the world.  Elsewhere, Occupy plans are renewed and reviewed with a burst of new energy: May 1st global disruption.
Lest we disconnect from one another by identifying with our thoughts to the extent that we believe them to be who we are, in this link we are informed that we are not our brainthe Big Think. The following link, however, reveals a fascinating insight into operational activity of the human brain: accidental genius, and artwork of the mathematical mind.  More esoteric, and a worthwhile teaching about 2012, Nithyananda Yogananda speaks about truth, not prophecy, while Tao carefully teaches to be careful what you wish for it will be the source of suffering.
Many Earth species display skills and habits which humanity understands innately.  In this link we are shown birds cultivating decorative plants to attract mates: how do you like me now?  Whereas this link reveals a horse’s joy in freedom of movement that is both deeply profound and simple at the same time: Horse as teacher.  This video is delightful for the little bird that comes to visit half-way through.  Enjoy the simplicity of this sweet visit: hello little one. Finally, here is a video featuring a relationship between a bear and humans: the Grizzly, watch to the end to hear how these people work to ensure the habitat of future bear populations.
Let’s end this week’s review with a tribute to Mothers everywhere For those whose relationship with mother is painful, recall that we are all children of Mother Earth: Mother’s love.
Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home. Mother Teresa