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We are made of this

In chemtrails, inspiration on April 27, 2012 at 2:05 am

This week’s emergent teaching theme appears to be the cosmos.  Many links on the subject of stars and space found their way to me and so it is my pleasure to share them with you.  Please begin with this two minute video taking you on a tour of the planet from the International Space Station: Alone in the Night.  Following that, we share astrophysicist Tyson’s amazing realization that humanity is, in fact, connected to the stars through the atomic structure of the elements which we all share: The most astonishing fact.  Extending that deep realization into our bodies happens when we become conscious of energy circulating through us.  Mantak Chia teaches how to remain open to cosmic and Earth energy through  microcosmic orbit channelling: Microcosmic Orbit.  (The first image is anatomical-do not be alarmed!).  Finally, there is this written reflection on the upcoming cosmic alignment of Dec 21/2012: Being Awake and this visual tribute to our Magnificent Universe.
In its own paragraph is this submission for your consideration.  It is devoted to the subject of chemical trails in our sky, and may influence you to become more aware of the sky where you live.  Of particular interest was the Youtube link ‘proof that chemtrails are not contrails’, scrolling downwards about one-fifth from the start of the link: Island online news.
For those who are watching with fascination the appearance of various species of white animals, here’s one to reflect upon: White Orca.  Additionally, this video from a reader is her personal favorite for its uplifting effect.  It’s a beautiful horse in a dressage competition:Sublime Dressage.
I’m ending this message with an affirmation of the source of happiness.  It appears that what makes people happy is not so much what they think it is (more wealth) but something much easier to obtain because it is based upon generosity of spirit.  Watch this TED talk from Vancouver speaking to the way to joyful living: Buying Happiness.
He who obtains has little. He who scatters has much. Lao-Tzu

Evolving humanity: which way will YOU go?

In Macrobiotics on April 18, 2012 at 5:56 am
Those amongst us who garden or grow food, and those who aspire to, may be inspired to campaign for a program similar to the garden plots of Russia: Russia’s organic food.  All of us will be interested, I’m certain, to learn even more about plant communication.  Have a look at this video, how trees communicate.
Music is everywhere this week-I’m including a few videos for you to consider.  The first is the inspirational symphony of Kinshasa in the Congo: a music miracle. Music through the ages follows, first is a delightful two year old jiving: gettin’ down!  Next we have a 24 year old singing his song: I’m 24!  Last, a man in a nursing home reacts to music: so he gave me these sounds  Following that, here is a musical must-watch: Symphony of Science; and a wonderful review of a Greek musical master: Mikis Theodorakis – (Zorba the Greek).
The theme of unity arises in this 16 minute video: It’s time to wake up we are all one.  Did you ever read that book,  The Tao of Physics? The author, Fritzof, Capra is on the advisory board of the International Society for Ecology and Culture whose mission is to promote locally based alternatives to the consumer culture.  This theme links to the next which describes intentions for solar cell technology to be used planet-wide, and not just by those wealthy enough to install expensive solar paneling on housing: inexpensive solar cells for the world.
Regular ‘Items’ readers will recall a few weeks back when I suggested that farmers, whose fields had been contaminated by Monsanto’s GE product, should sue the corporation.  Here is precisely that scenario: organic farms suing the contaminators.  Also previously mentioned in ‘Items’ is the idea of humanity being at the cross-roads between hybridization with machinery, or evolution towards a more wholistically integrated form.  In this link, we see that there is a contact lens, available to the public in 2014, allowing for super-human ability to focus on two things at once: contacts that bind human with non-human ability. As  these technologies are introduced, we can become consciously aware of our choice to fuse with it, or choose, instead, a simpler, more organic expression of bodily form.  Likewise, as Smart Meters are now being installed over BC, review this link and see if it is something you agree with: Hacking into the ‘smart meter’
We conclude with this esoteric piece speaking about the solar storms enveloping planet Earth: Entering the solar storms.
You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight to our hearts. Coshise

Full of Life

In inspiration on April 12, 2012 at 4:12 am
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I’m sharing this 25 minute video on ‘Children Full of Life’ for those of you who wish to be reminded of the importance of a good teacher.  As you watch it, feel the respect, joy and genuine love emanating from both the teacher and the children, and know that this is a possibility everywhere: Children Full of Life.
Here is another short video (2 minutes) that will inspire you as you feel the ring of truth in the words spoken by Martin Luther King: Silence is Betrayal: speak as one.  Again, we are recalled to our humanity, when we witness animals caring for their own species: protecting each other.
Geology teaches that mushrooms, or fungi, often work to rehabilitate disturbed lands.  Here are two links that may interest those of you who think in terms of current ecosystem rehabilitation: mushrooms’ job in environmental restoration and healing the planet.  It’s reassuring to recognize that the Earth’s intelligence is evolving, and sends its energy patterns through its inhabitants, including humanity: the codes you carry.
Citizens concerned with the inequality of income will find this a useful resource: Broadbent institute.  While others who sense that the world is improving, may find this a fascinating link: ideal society index, simply because it’s unusual.
Finally, for all who are sometimes lost in ‘doing,’ I give you this link to consider: return to the present: forget ‘multi-tasking’.
What I am doing today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. Unknown

Spring Insights

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chlorophyll leaves 300x225 Why Nature Intended Us To Rotate Our Greens


     Spring, in whatever manifestation it is where you are, is upon us, enveloping us in the seasonal shift towards expansion.  With that expansion, we may find ourselves embracing change and enjoying new insights.  Let’s honour these emerging energies and consider some of the following links  as opportunities for inspiration.
     Many of us are closely aligned with the plant life that sustains us. Have you ever wondered how it is that flowers can grow on the medians dividing highways?  Here’s a link that demonstrates the effects that human noise has upon plants: noise affects plants.  Alternatively, here is an imaginative and fascinating recording of the electro-magnetic pulses of plant life, amplified and passed through a midi synthesizer:plants making music.
     We move from observing plants to animals, beginning with this link on dog rescue: blind dog rescued.  This link is on the rescue of dolphins in Brazil: 30 dolphins, back to the sea.
     Humanity is also replete with stories of re-connection.  Watch this short video for a reminder of how we communicate: that loving feeling.  The Iran/Israel polarity may or may not be something you’re familiar with, however, this particular video will ring true regardless: we love you!
     Surrounding us all, is the air we breathe.  In this short video, have a look at an innovative, small and easily-built air quality data collection system: air quality egg.  Want to feel renewed in the possibilities for heroic or exhilarating human achievement? Here’s a video that’s exciting and breath-taking: the jetpack is here!
     Finally, as we re-consider our collective experience, let’s remember our strength and resilience as people with strong inner wisdom.  Here is a piece reminding us of our opportunity to re-form extreme economic inequalities: the 99% Spring.  This next link will add to the rising tide of humanity awakened to the falseness of our current ‘debt’ and the imposition of austerity amidst plenty: Oh Canada! Imposing austerity on a resource-rich country.  Finally, our consciousness rises together.  Keep yours rising: Life as a conscious practice.
Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. Juvenal